October 16 2018
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Motorola Gratification Program

In today’s capitalist era, we have seen the big corporates having unbelievable windfalls. While wealth creation is one of the major aspects of big corporations, there is one little known aspect that is sometimes overshadowed by the whole charade – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Among the many smartphone companies that do business in India, Motorola seems to be the leader in this aspect of the business.
Motorola Gratification programme 2
Motorola is not new to this field, in fact, it has an active arm called Motorola Solutions, which actually works towards addressing social issues most importantly helping the underprivileged. It actively works on many initiatives such as working with the National Association of Countries (NACo) to make countries resilient, Helping  foster Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) globally, Public safety innovation, Disaster relief and Employee Volunteerism. Well, its sights are finally focused on India, and it’s started delivering the goodies, literally, through the Motorola Gratification Program. Motorola delivers the goodies, literally, via an innovative, helping feature phone users, which are now mostly the underprivileged or the elderly, migrate from feature phones to smartphones. The Motorola Gratification Program has given out the 2nd generation Moto E smartphone to one person via media organizations such as ours.
Motorola Gratification programme 1
In partnership with Motorola, Review Cocktail has handed out a Moto E handset to Mr. Suman Kumar Jha a.k.a. Bharat.
Motorola Gratification programme 3
Mr. Jha works at a call centre and till recently used to have a feature phone – the Nokia E63, which had off-late started to give him problems even with the basic functions of calling and messaging. Mr. Jha is employed at a salary of Rs. 9000 per month and because of living in an expensive city such as Delhi, he could not afford to change his phone. Despite regular pestering by his friends to come on social networks, Mr. Jha was helpless. In fact, if he needed to access the internet, Mr. Jha used to walk to the cyber cafe, which is situated around 2 kilometers from his residence. In fact, he felt alienated in everyday walks of life, due to his hectic work life and the lack of online presence.
Well, his eyes lit up, the moment we explained the Motorola Gratification Program to him. He just could not wait to get his hands on the new Moto E. When we handed out the White Moto E under the program, he actually leaped with joy. In fact, within a couple of days, he actually brought some accessories for the phone and also became active on Facebook and WhatsApp. He  is now learning how to use Twitter. He has also started some interest groups, one of which includes one of his major interest groups, Astrology. In fact, He has also downloaded applications related to the field, such as Astrosage Kundli and True Astrologer.
Besides this, he has developed a major interest in smartphone gaming and plays many games, such as Need for Speed, Dead Trigger and Temple Run. Mr. Jha has actually adapted to the smartphone pretty fast and always wishes that he had got his hands on a smartphone sooner. He says, in not too many words, the coming of the Moto E into his life has made his life pretty interesting, occupied and entertaining. Instead of calling, he prefers sending WhatsApp alerts. Every time he discovers a new feature, such as the battery saver, he gets even more delighted. He also takes a lot of selfies new just to make his smartphone experience even better and also since he is now on social networks, he is now learning to pout.
Motorola has, with this initiative, brought a smile to Mr. Jha’s face. He sends his thanks to Motorola.
The Motorola Gratification Program is a unique initiative and need to be encouraged as much as we can. The company deserves a pat on the back for such an original idea and will truly add to the consumer base. Mr. Jha has assured us that he is now a Motorola loyalist!
We, on our part, thank Motorola for giving us an opportunity to be a part of the program. Putting a smile on someone’s fact truly feels great!

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