October 17 2018
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Apple iPhone 6S – worth investing?

Apple recently performed its yearly ritual of launching a new iPhone. The new iPhone – the iPhone 6S, will go on sale shortly in the US and make its appearance in India, most probably in a month’s time. Like every new generation of the iPhone, the iPhone 6S too wants to be something you aspire for, more importantly, want to show off and spent a chunk of money on.

But, seriously should you consider upgrading to the new iPhone, in case you already own one or even want to get your hands on one after years of waiting.

We have created an in-depth perspective on the new iPhone to help you make that judgement.

iPhone 6S – What’s new?

iphone-6s 6

The reason that the Apple iPhone has somewhat of a halo around it and people still like to show it off, as much as their new car, is simple – it is a uniquely premium phone that does not compromise on the many features that other phones do. While when you come to Android, overall it has moved ahead in terms of features ranging from curved screens to wireless charging standard and much else. There is a reason why people annually or once in two years upgrade to the next generation of the iPhone. Apple has always got a new feature to show off with the new iPhone, which in the past have ranged from Siri to a motion co-processor.

So what’s new in this generation of the iPhone?

The major features of the new iPhone are five – a new 12-megapixel rear cam, 2 GB RAM, ‘3D Touch’ display, iOS 9 and Apple A9 processor. Along with that, it now also comes in a ‘Rose Gold’ edition.



Apple has finally upgraded the rear cam on the iPhone 6S for the first time since the iPhone 4S. iPhone cameras are still counted amongst the best smartphone cameras in the world and an advancement on the camera front might be something that might make the phone worth investing. The camera  resolution has been bumped up from 8 megapixels to 12 megapixels. While the industry standard for high-end smartphones has been 16 megapixels and up, Apple is known for not going after the megapixels but going for the clarity.

But the bump in megapixels is not what anyone should simply look for in a camera. The iPhone 6S rear cam comes with a new signal processor, which they claim will provide you better images. The sensor pixel size has been downgraded to 1.22 μm from 1.5 μm in the iPhone 6. In layman’s speak, the decrease in the sensor pixel size should actually help you have the same image size with better images than the previous iPhone.

The front cam, meanwhile, has been upgraded from 1.2 megapixels to 5-megapixel. The front cam can also use the screen’s backlight as a True Tone flash, which should help you create better selfies.

iPhone 6S also captures 4K video, which would be vividly detailed in comparison to a normal full HD video.

But, the cherry on the cake for the iPhone 6S is definitely the Live Photos feature – with this feature, whenever you click a picture, the camera will capture few seconds of video, before and after taking a picture. When you view these pictures in the gallery, a hard press could play your still photo like a video.

Well, the iPhone 6S does have some camera delights in tow, yet there is a price to pay for those, and it should be an expensive one. Firstly, 4K video is something of a nascent feature. Not many devices play 4K video. For playing 4K video, you need a 4K capable device such as a 4K TV. In case, you don’t have such a device, you will have no choice, but to only look at your 4K just video on the iPhone. Not only that, both of these features hog a lot of space on your phone. A 16 GB iPhone, that anyways has limited disk space, will not support these features and if you tend to be shutter-happy, as most of us are, you will have to skip the 16 GB iPhone 6S and straight on go to the 64 GB version, spending $100 extra.

Processor and RAM


One of the highlights of the iPhone 6S is that it comes with 2 GB RAM, an upgrade from 1 GB RAM on the previous generation of iPhones. The iPhone has done pretty well for itself in previous iterations despite having less RAM, mostly because of Apple’s efficient A-series processors and iOS.

Apple has upgraded the processor from A8 to A9. Apple claims that the CPU is 70% faster than the previous one and the GPU is 90% faster than the previous one. Other details are shady at this time, but going by the past, Apple has done pretty well, when it comes to the chipsets. The increase in RAM should more than accommodate the ew features of the phone.

There are many phones in the market offering more RAM but the processor is something to look out for and maybe the ray of hope in front of underperforming processors such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801.

3D Touch



Apple has always had a knack for leading the industry with never before seen features. 3D touch seems one such feature.

The new Apple display looks pretty much the same as the old one in terms of display size and resolution. But, the change has taken below the display. Under the display are some pressure sensors which respond to your touch. Basically, the amount of pressure you apply to the display will generate commands. The Apple iPhone 6S will respond to a tap, a slight touch or a hard press. It has been combined with the Peek and Pop functionality. The peek functionality shows you the preview of the content while pop will bring it to the main screen. You can access most apps on the iPhone just using varieties of touch.

iphone-6s 4

This is a new way of interacting with your phone and it might be the future of smartphone tech.

But, we have had many of these features on some phones, such as the Moto X and LG G3, which haven’t really done anything to change real-world smartphone functioning.

As far as the Rose Gold edition of the iPhone 6S is concerned, it looks good but seems a bit feminine color.

Should you go for it?

Well, the new iPhone does offer some new features in terms of the new color, the design the chipset, camera and the touch technology. If you really feel hungry for these features, you might want to go for it. But there are some alternatives available. For example, the camera performance of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is pretty great and comes with a higher aperture of f/2.2 which lets it perform well in low-light conditions. The iPhone 6S also does not feature Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). There is also some advanced tech available out there such as Wireless charging, which the iPhone 6S doesn’t support.

The 16 GB iPhone 6S seems useless since its memory wouldn’t support the features, which means that the actual iPhone range for a smart buyer will start at $749, which might come close to Rs. 60,000 on debut in India. This renders the phone unnecessarily expensive.

At that price, you might rather wait for something better than investing in the new iPhone, in case you already have the iPhone 6 or even a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Whether or not you should upgrade to the iPhone 6S simply depends on the position you are in. Simply put, it might be a nice upgrade from a mid-range phone, but not something to invest in, if you are already locked in with a 50K plus device.

Do try not to let public opinion sway you the other way.

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