October 17 2018
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Art Chocolat: Tasting session

Art Chocolat, a chocolate training academy based in New Delhi organized a tasting session across the weekend. The event brought together chocolatiers and the connoisseurs under one roof. Strolling through the aisles, we came across chocolates infused with herbs, covered with nuts, and filled with gooey caramel. Each hand crafted chocolate was uniquely executed keeping in mind the latest trends  in the chocolate industry. Some of the brands were: The Sugar Therapy, Choc Box, Art Chocolat, Choccolicious, Mamta Chocolatiers, Chavi Chocolate Creations and Chocolatiers.

art chocolat1

The Sugar Therapy

Divya Kakkar’s confidence of wooing people with her culinary skills gave her an extraordinary idea of making and gifting some chocolates as a part of her wedding invites. From there began a sugary journey as truck loads of compliments and undiluted support from her husband encouraged her to launch ‘The Sugar Therapy’.

At the event, she showcased an exclusive white chocolate range with flavours such as rose and elaichi, kesar and kewra. On the first sight, you would confuse these chocolates with any other Indian sweet, but these chocolates are far away from their traditional mold and can surprise one with their flavours and presentation.

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Art Chocolat

Ms Arti Dhingra, a graduate from Valrhona L’Ecole du Grand Chocalat in France presented a wide variety of chocolates, truffles and bonbons. She is also the principal teacher at Art Chocolate. She brought forward exquisite chocolates with a zing. Some of her flavours included a spice mix of ginger, cinnamon, cloves and cardomom  and a fruity blast of passion fruit and strawberry. Apart from the flavours we appreciate her glitter based art work on truffles, designs on chocolates and delicate moulding of strawberry cups.

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Chhavi Chocolate Creations

For Chhavi, it was a task to feed her little one with fruits. To come out of this difficult situation, she once dipped some fruits in the chocolate and saw an instant change in her kid’s reaction. Ever since then she has been coming up with easy and delicious ways of combining fruits with chocolate so that they are liked by all.

We came across two of the flavours blueberry and kiwi at the session. Her creations had fresh fruits wrapped inside a layer  of colourful chocolate. On a casual note, Chhavi, a Meerut based chocolatier gives you a lot of friendly advices as to how you can experiment with chocolate and fruits in your kitchen.

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We were curious to know more about the chocolates from ‘Chocolatier’ as we saw some nicely done bonbons next to some regular spices. So, probing a little we came to know that Ms. Nitika, fell in love with the spices on her visit to Kerela. She loves experimenting with spices and in her quest she brought together some very unusual flavours .  Her fusion chocolates had sesame seeds, nutmeg, mint, star anise, mint, cloves dry fruits an a colourful coating of vermicilli.

art chocolat7


Shvani Sharma displayed paan flavoured chocolates wrapped in betel  leaves along with  dates filled with chocolate ganash. Paan has been a traditional Indian mouth freshener often eaten after the meals and dates have also been consumed by many  for centuries. Shivani has given both the natural delicacies a chocolatty  twist.

art chocolat9

Mamta Chocolatier

These beautifully molded chocolates are both artful and delightful. Mamta in her creations had a playway approach to chocolates. Her milk chocolates are designed to allure children. They can also be a perfect present for baby shower and  birthday  parties. These chocolates are made from all the things that children like to munch on such as crunchies and marie biscuit.

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Choc Box

Chocolates by Ms. Archana  would  make you change your perception about chocolates. These chocolates come with the finest ingredients to cater to the wider public sentiment regarding health. They include flavours such as  honey tulsi, amla, green tea, peanut crunch and oat bar. Her idea is to cater to those who have been averse to eating chocolates because of its effect on health. Apart from the ingredients used, these chocolates are low on sugar and add to the health benefits.

Art Chocolat demonstrated the changing trends in the chocolate industry. Once chocolates were brown coloured cocoa bars that would come in the paper and foil wraps. Now it is all about getting it customized according to ones taste and preferences.  This change has been possible due to relentless efforts, passion and vision of home bakers and confectioners who try to understand their consumers before they craft anything for them. You can also try your hand at chocolate making workshops conducted by Art Chocolat or can also enjoy their free chocolate appreciation class by signing up on their website.

Before we sign off we would like to request the organizers to bring forth more varieties such as chocolates with liquor and liqueur, chocolate beans and chocolate tarts.

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