May 21 2018
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Pakola: Cream soda from across the border

Soft drink industry in India is currently sized at 50 billion rupees. It employs about 126,000 people and has a potential to grow at 5-7% per annum. The changing taste and growing acceptance to the flavours other than cola has been inviting a lot of investors in the recent past. In search of a response Pakola, a sweetened soda from Pakistan came to India a few days ago. The soft drink was available for tasting at Shaan-e-Pakistan, a lifestyle fiesta.

Brief History

Pakola launched on 14 August 1950 is produced by Mehran Brothers. It was produced in the first bottling plant of South Asia in Pakistan, ever since then it has grown regionally, nationally and globally. It is the only Pakistani drink that is available in America, Africa, Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, Middle East, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. This beverage company refuses to rely on heavy endorsements. It believes in its consumer response and draws publicity from the opinion sharing and the words of mouth.

Taste and Ingredients

Pakola, a green coloured carbonated drink comes with a punch of fruity scent and flavours. Although, it may be a little too sweet for Indian taste buds it is pleasantly refreshing. Apart from serving chilled one can also try it with milk and use it in the preparation of mocktails and cocktails.

A 330 ml can of Pakola contains carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, essence de creme soda and colorante.


Pakola Presence In India So far


Pakola is an official sponsor of Shaan-e-Pakistan, India. It distributed its drinks for free at this gala four-day event just to get the response from the people. ‘Pakola has been approached by various Indian distribution channels  but hasn’t finalized anyone yet.There has been a tremendous response and they wish to make their presence felt by also participating in ‘India International Trade Fair- 2015’ stated Mr. Arun Ganglani. They also expressed their desire in capturing market nationwide and in particularly Jammu and Kashmir as they already have their presence felt in J&K.


A 330 ml can comes for Rs. 30 which makes it quite affordable for all income groups.

Our Verdict


Although a bit sugary and doesn’t seem to be much popular like other international brands, Pakola is very close to how most people would define a soft drink in Indian Sub Continent. Keeping in mind the quality of production and the price. We shall recommend it for a try.


If you happen to try Pakola or have tried it in the past We request you to leave your comments on the same in the comment section.

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  1. I Liked it. And if i see it in the market i will buy it for sure. Very affordable.

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