October 17 2018
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SRCC Youth Conference Day 2 Highlights

The day 2 of SRCC Youth Conference was as promising as the day 1. As the speakers, Kaushal Mehtani, Kapil Dev, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Shikha Sharma, Varun Agarwal and Vineeth Vincent shared their life experiences with the youth.

Kaushal Mehtani


The youngest Director of Finance at KPMG is a source of inspiration  for any commerce aspirant. His desirable life began with a series of failures in his attempt to clear his CA examinations. Nonetheless, this short term pessimist and long-term optimist made it large by learning and moving ahead in his life. His mantra to success is to keep life simple and stress-free.

Kapil Dev


Kapil Dev is the name that changed the destiny of Indian Cricket by winning theWorld cup 1983. Kapil took up cricket just to be away from the classroom but the sheer streak of passion to live what he wanted to do helped him set the records which are yet to be chased.

Blinded by the love for cricket, he did feel a jolt  when he had to leave the ground where he had spent most of his life but nonetheless, his venture Tapfox and  golf still keep him occupied as he likes to be engaged with them the way he was once engaged with cricket.

His message to the youth was to be passionate in life, love what you do ‘Kyunki yeh din nikal gaye to dubara nahi aayenge.’

Nawazuddin Siddiqui


Nawazuddin Siddiqui, a small town guy, who struggled for years to make his first screen appearance. The thought of giving his hundred percent to acting  made him one of the most impactful contemporary Indian actors. He talked about how his struggles would often leave him frustrated. Right from the street plays to the blockbuster hits, he has worked on each one of them with utmost honesty. His life story is a source of  inspiration for many as it unabashedly echoes ‘love what you do and do what you love’. 

Shikha Sharma


Shikha Sharma, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Axis bank didn’t get recruited for many days after graduating from IIM-A. She began working in the times when there were very few women in corporates. Understanding the culture, she realised that one needs to know that no one is lesser to others.

It may seem difficult to climb the professional ladder for a woman, but she thinks that Indians are much supported by their family and hence can be carefree for many reasons. According to her, if prioritizing and being realistic are mastered in the formative stages of your career, then you can go a long way.

 Varun Agarwal


This very young entrepreneur, filmmaker and an author can be confused with a college going lad. His life  journey began with engineering, the course that is considered to be a golden passport to handsome job and dowry. He failed miserably and realised that success doesn’t depend on perceptions rather it springs from the happiness, which comes from following one’s  dream. His desire to speak in public, run a company, make films or write made him set a benchmark for himself. He very wisely tells  the youth that we are a ticking time bomb as we all have to die and this means that we have to do whatever we want to do in this limited period of life.

Vineeth Vincent

IMG_3503 (1)

Many people get a chance to make a choice between following their passion and regular college life. Vineeth took a year off from the college to devote it to music and beatboxing. He got a lot of assignments as a regular emcee but chose to go back to college as that was the place where he and his friends belonged. He made a career for himself in beatboxing besides the hurdles and challenges he had to face. In his industry, many suffer from being exploited and are often under paid as newcomers. He encouraged people to set the terms before they start to work for other people.

In college, most people don’t now what to do  and what to make of one’s life. Where there is a heavy load of expectations of the outside world, there is also a deep pressing desire of what one wants to do. What to choose and what to give up  are the hardest questions to be answered in life.


Comedy session with Biswa Kalyan Rath and Abish Mathew


The team that made it happen

Sanjana,Aman,Kritika,Saurabh,Ayush,Pallavi, Atulya, Arya, Mansi,Mansi, Bhavya,Shyam, Vaishnavi, Shiv, Shireen sudhrit

Sanjana, Aman, Kritika, Saurabh, Ayush, Pallavi, Atulya, Arya, Mansi, Bhavya, Shyam,Vaishnavi, Shiv, Shireen and Sudhrit

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