October 16 2018
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SRCC Youth Conference 2015 Day 1 Highlights

Sri Ram College of Commerce hosted the SRCC Youth Conference 2015. It had many renowned speakers in attendance. These included the Union Minster for Home Affairs, Mr. Rajnath Singh, former Minister of state, Madhya Pradesh, for Power and Coal, Jyotriditya Scindia, Anchorperson Rahul Kanwal and Transgender Activist Kavita Subramanium. Each of them outlined their own vision for the youth and also expressed their personal experiences along with their own visions for life for the young audience.

After delivering a monologue, each of them opened up to a Q&A from the audience, which prompted interesting responses.

Here is an overview of what all the speakers delivered in their speeches.

SRCC Youth Fest 20152

Mr. Rajnath Singh, Union Minister for Home Affairs

Mr. Rajnath Singh, Minister for home affairs introduced students to his past as a physics teacher. He made some remarkable comments such as ” Infosys and Al-Qaeda were born around the same time. Look at one’s  contribution to the world and the other’s destruction of it.”

SRCC Youth Fest 20153

Mr. Jyotiraditya Scindia, Former MoS, Madhya Pradesh for Power

The ‘Maharaja of Gwalior’ is also a Harvard and Stanford Alumnus. He urged the students to go for a variety of experiences in life. He urged the students to ‘not follow the money’ and rather concentrate on their passion which impacts people’s lives and makes life worth living. Resolving the ‘pain points’ in a society, a company or a business is the most important thing. ‘Being the change’ is important.

The first thing you need to do is list your priorities and then, you need to follow up with your priorities. He ended it on a funny note, providing students with the definition of politics. Politics = Poly (Many) + Tics (Blood-sucking insects). 

SRCC Youth Fest 20154

Mr Rahul Kanwal, Director, India Today Television

Mr. Rahul Kanwal is the youngest person in India to head a news channel. He recounted his journey in life. He started at the age of 18, as an intern at a media company. The first job that he got was transcribing interviews. Then he worked at the ‘international desk’ which is not as fancy as it sounds, but simply involved transcribing the feed from international news publications. During this period, the Kargil war broke out. It was sheer luck that he went as a cameraman’s assistant to the inauguration of the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) and then, he took the famous bite from Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the prime Minister at the time, that ‘Pakistan plunged a knife in his back’, which changed his life and became the highlight of the Kargil war media coverage.

If you persist at what you do, the power of this persistence creates opportunities. If you keep working hard, you will find what you are looking for is what he imparted to the students.

SRCC Youth Fest 20155

Ms. Kalki Subramanium, Transgender Activist

Ms. Kalki Subramanium belongs to the much-subjugated transgender community of India. The majority perception of women is skewed in India, which makes life even more difficult for a transgender person. Transgender people suffer from huge hardships and bullying in all segments of life. Because of the society’s treatment of them, they end up as either workers or beggars. Acceptance by the society is the solution.

A society that respects women will also respect its transgender women. A society that abuses its women, will six times abuse the transgenders.

SRCC Youth Fest 20151

Mr. Benny Prasad, Musician

Mr. Benny Prasad is a world-renowned musician, who invented the Bentar – the world’s first Bongo Guitar. His story is as inspirational as the rest. He suffered from Asthma at birth and due to being put on the wrong medication, 60 percent of his lungs were destroyed. At the age of 16, he was told that he had 6 months to live. He was depressed and started taking out his frustration by playing an old guitar. He then created of instruments which include the Pan flute (A series of flute) and the Bentar. He has travelled to 215 countries, including Antartica and still travels to 50 countries in a year.

His story is one of  courage. He persisted against all odds to make a difference in the world.

So, the Day 1 of the SRCC Youth Conference wrapped up with encouraging words that one can carry along for life.

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