September 22 2018
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St. Stephens College organizes ‘Breaking Frames’ – an interaction with commercial photographer Anshuman Sen

The Photographic society, St. Stephens college, recently organized an interaction with renowned commercial photographer Anshuman Sen. Sen, an alumni of the college graciously came and explained the various aspects of photography to budding photographers.

Anshuman has worked with magazines such as Conde Nast Traveller, Good Homes, Architectural Digest and GQ. his main area of work revolves around architecture and fashion Photography.

breaking frames23

He was keen to encourage them to photograph using whichever medium possible. Anshuman also shared his experience of becoming a photographer – from starting his journey by meeting the late Prabuddha Dasgupta.

He explained concepts such as 18% grey which is a part of every photo. Simply put, in case you photograph a totally black medium, your shots will come as washed out white, while if you photograph a totally white medium, your shots will come out black. This happens because your camera interprets shots with 18% grey in them.

Not being a big fan of new technology, Sen explained the students techniques such as using a grey card or a spot card to focus on shots. Sen further emphasized on ‘perspective rather than technique’ and told the students that they could use any device to photograph, but having the right perspective is most important.

breaking frames13

breaking frames14

The photography society also organized an exhibition of shots clicked by the students, showcasing ‘Understanding Spaces and Places’.

Here is some work exhibited by the students at the college.

breaking frames20

breaking frames19

  breaking frames12

breaking frames10

breaking frames9

breaking frames8

breaking frames7

breaking frames6

breaking frames5

breaking frames4

breaking frames3

breaking frames2

breaking frames1

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