October 17 2018
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All about You – Fashion label from Deepika Padukone

Actor Deepika Padukone has launched her own fashion label ‘All About You’ in association with Myntra. The collection will be available exclusively on Myntra app.

Here are the glimpses from the fashion show exhibiting Deepika’s clothing line:


The collection is inspired by European craftsmanship. This range of women apparel is simple, wearable and comfortable. The ‘comfort’ factor is not only in designs and fit but also due to the fabrics- hammered satin, viscose & jacquards, Lurex knits, blended knits, woolen and premium denim. It offers a lot of soft floral colours and prints.This collection is mostly priced from Rs.1500- 2500.


Talking about this alliance, Ananth Narayan, the CEO of Myntra stated, “Deepika is a style icon that youth admires and connects to. we are excited to partner with her  in creating a fashion brand which is an extension to her personality  and is  global in stature. We are impressed with the depth of imagination and commitment that Deepika has put into this brand and we are sure it will be a winner.”

Deepika talks about her collection

How do you define style?

Style or the sense of fashion or the clothes that you wear is an extension of your personality. I am someone who has prioritised comfort over everything else. So for me it is important to be comfortable first and then everything follows.

What do you have to say  about the transition from an actor to a designer?

Women can multi-task and they are very good at that. Myntra had some sort of faith in me. They believed  that I am some sort of style icon and  young girls wanted an access to the kind of clothes I wear personally and that is where this marriage has happened. As a girl, you always like dressing up. For me it’s not about high fashion. It’s about accessible, being comfortable and having fun with the clothes you wear.

Do you always wanted to be a designer or is it just something that Myntra wanted you to do?

I wouldn’t say that it is because they wanted me to do this. Being a girl there is always an interest in clothes and putting things together. Myntra had more faith in me than I had in myself and they encouraged me to do this. Myntra made me realise this other aspect of my personality.

Whose style do you like amongst the contemporary actresses?

A  lot of girls dress up well. Everyone has a very distinctive style. I think Sonam dresses really well and Kalki has a very distinct sense of style.

 What would you choose between acting and designing?

Acting any day.You should have fun with what you do. This is something new that I am trying out. This is just another interest that I am exploring.

How is ‘all about you’ different from what’s available in the market?

As you saw in the collection. They are fun. They are romantic. They are girly, but comfort is a priority.

 Why did you choose  to call your collection ‘all about you’?

Live, love and laugh is my mantra in life. It’s about telling the girls be who you are and enjoy being who you are.

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