October 16 2018
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Contemporary Arts Week- It’s all about food, drinks and performances

The opening weekend of Contemporary Arts Week Season 3 showcased some of the coolest performances of the most popular and off-beat artists. It included dance battles, music, Cappella, origami, stand up comedy, clowning, whistling and drama and the display of visual arts  by various artist across the country. As we cover the opening week, we also give you the peek into the next six days to come.

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The music performances included Acapella, Polyphony, fusion, electronic folk-rock and Indi-rock.

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Acapella was performed by Vocal Raasta.This performance had 15 singers who were conducted by Antoine Redon Sopranos. You will never feel the absence of orchestra when they are set to woo their audience. Basanti or Waoh is an electronic folk-rock band of Azhar Anwar and Mahima Dayal Mathur with a motto to leave behind the differences that divide us.

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Fusion by Hari Sukhmani was certainly a performance that everyone had been waiting  for. This duo sang Punjabi folk with a contemporary twist.

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Indi-Rock by Suryaveer and his band did Bollywood numbers but in their own style and definitely left the crowd asking for more.

Bandish Project gave a phenomenal performance that none could escape.

Dance Battles

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Dance Battles was an event spread across two days. This battle brought the artist from different parts of the country Some of the dance groups that performed are Mr. Indians, Culture Fanatics, Hum Panch, Originals and Beats Squad. It was judged by Prosenjit Guy Kundu, Sambo and Yash Maitrey.

At the Workshop Station

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Contemporary Arts Week has to be far ahead of the traditional definition of arts. In order to encourage arts, CAW organised workshops were the people could get introduced to the art form, enjoy the performance and be a part by participating. Here, many enjoyed clowning, origami, stand up comedy and whistling.


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There was no dearth of eateries and food stalls at  this event. Informal, Jugmug Thela, Keventer’s Farsi cafe and many more were there to keep your tummy filled and there were lots of drinks to keep your spirits high.


The location for Contemporary Arts Week, Nehru Park was turned into an art ensemble as it was decorated with collage, wooden art effects, collage, lights and plastic flowers.

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This initiative by the friends of art, a non-profit organisation succeeded in bringing together hundreds of  artists and thousands to appreciate it. It’s a brainchild of the curator Shohini and Pankaj who have been actively involved in arts for quite some time and have closely observed the struggles of artists in various fields. They also believe that a lot of negativity can be curbed through self-expression that any art form allows and hence they created this platform all the art lovers came together as a fraternity.

Program Schedule

Most of the artist that performed on 3-4 October 2015 will perform once again for you. You can have a look at the schedule to get




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