October 17 2018
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Ford Figo Aspire Review: The Affordable but equipped sedan

There is always space for affordable cars in the Indian market, and one more is always welcome. But what the average Indian consumer really wants is good features at a great price – that is what the new Ford Figo Aspire aims to do.

Ford Figo Aspire

This stretched version of the new-gen Ford Figo is essentially a well-equipped yet conditioned for Indian roads sedan. We had the Ford Figo Aspire for a couple of days and drove it for 2oo Kms to find out what it really offers.

Ford Figo Aspire 1

The Ford Figo Aspire is the company’s attempt at bridging the emerging gap in the market, which despite the like of Hyundai Xcent and Honda Amaze still needs a stunner that appeals to the average hatchback consumer to go for a sedan instead. Rather than merely competing with the available cars in te segment, the Ford Figo Aspire aims to offer the mid-range sedan consumer with something far more enticing, since the Ford has consciously focussed on providing the mid-range consumer with comfort and features at an affordable price.

Let’s get in-depth and find out what this car offers.


The Ford Figo Aspire is inspired by its compact sibling, the Ford Figo, yet, unlike many such Hatchback-Sedan combinations it gets the execution correct.

Ford Figo Aspire 2

The frame of the Ford Figo Aspire looks sharp and crisp. The front end of the car is sufficiently wide for a sedan. The front grille looks especially premium. The car looks sporty and sharp. The headlights look in-place with the design and the chrome grille compliments them. In terms of looks, the Ford Figo Aspire outdoes most similarly priced cars.

Ford Figo Aspire 19

Ford Figo Aspire

Just like the front-end, the rear end of the Aspire is also sporty and in fact, looks fuller and sporty.

Ford Figo Aspire 4

Ford Figo Aspire 18

There is ample boot space in the car for a short trip out of the city. The logo too looks great.

In terms of design, there seems a certain clarity behind the car and that is why it stands out among the rest. The quirkiness and sportiness about the Ford Figo Aspire are definitely enticing. This car looks pleasing to the eyes.

All in all, the Ford Figo Aspire looks great in terms of the exteriors.


The interior of the Ford Figo Aspire just like its exterior is sporty and sharp. But, the stark thing is the black and beige combination for the dash. We got the 1.2-litre fully equipped petrol version for review.

Ford Figo Aspire 20

The one thing that stands out when it comes to the interior is the legroom. One can comfortably fit on both the back and front seats of the Ford Figo Aspire.

There is just no dearth of room on this car. No matter what’s your size, it is a good fit!

Ford Figo Aspire 15

The top of the dash is black with black gloss finish highlights while the bottom has been kept light beige.

Ford Figo Aspire 10

You can sync your phone with the car’s inbuilt voice response system, which lets you give voice commands to make calls or play music.  You can receive and reject calls using the steering controls. The steering, though plastic looks good and is easy to handle.

Ford Figo Aspire 8

If you happen to have a staunch or stout frame, there is a lever below the steering wheel, which lets you adjust the height of the steering.

Ford Figo Aspire 14

The gear shift, on the other hand, is easy to use, yet you will take your time to adjust to it if you are tuned to a higher-end car with a hydraulic clutch, as we were.

Ford Figo Aspire 11

Other functions are easy to use and easily accessible.

Ford Figo Aspire 7

Ford Figo Aspire 6

A special mention for the double cup holders in the front of the car. Surprisingly, even though there is ample space for all your stuff in the front end of the car, no such provisions are there in the back end of the car. The door handles are reminiscent of high-end cars from Audi and Mercedes.

Ford Figo Aspire 12

Even the keyless entry lights up the car and switches headlights on, which kind of welcomes you into the car.

Ford Figo Aspire 13

The steering controls generally look great. The dials light up well and work well.

Ford Figo Aspire 5

The glove compartment is pretty big and lets you store your stuff easily.

Overall, there is one word that can describe the car’s interior – space. The car is spacious all around. Whether you want to sit in the front or the back, the car gives you ample space. Five people can be easily be transported around the city in this car. As far as the controls are concerned, they are some amenities you would only find in a car that comes in an upper segment from this one. The interior of this car has ample comfort for the mid-range sedan customer.


Ford Figo Aspire 16

Ford Figo Aspire 17

The Ford Figo Aspire comes in three versions – the 1.5-litre petrol, the 1.2-litre petrol and the 1.5-litre diesel.

The Ford Figo Aspire provides you a good amount of power, once you have built your comfort with gearshift, it does provide you ample power. But, the cherry on the cake could have been hydraulic brakes, which alas, aren’t there.

The Aspire churns out 100 PS power which competes with the highly priced Amaze.

All out, the Ford Figo Aspire engine is a breath of fresh air, especially for the segment it represents.

Ride and Handling

Ford Figo Aspire

The Ford Figo Aspire looks sporty, but does the sportiness continue when it comes to rideability?

Well, the Aspire is a comfortable car, designed for high speeds.

The Ford Figo Aspire is a sedan that really wants to let loose on the road rather than be restricted in the traffic. The car responds brilliantly on highways and open roads. Even at 150 Km per hour speeds, the Aspire is nothing short of brilliant. But, in a traffic start-stop situation, the Aspire does take time to rev up.

The steering is soft and responsive, but the suspension is the star here. When it comes to potholes, speed breakers and even large potholes, it is nothing less than brilliant. This is a global car that has been re-engineered for Indian roads. The braking is good and respondent well on high speeds, but Ford has fallen shy of equipping the car with hydraulic brakes. We would rather have had those, even if the price had been a tad high. They would complete the whole package. That is just wishful thinking though.

Overall, this is a car that begs to be revved up. It offers much in terms of ride and handling for the consumer. Comfort has not been the sacrificial lamb of affordability and that rings in some brownie points for the Aspire.


We have no problems in saying that the new Ford Figo Aspire offers a lot at a very competitive price, starting 4.89 lakhs. It is a compact sedan with a lot of leg space, a brilliant suspension and a powerful engine. The exterior is very sporty and even the interior matches up. The Ford Figo Aspire is a great deal for the mid-range sedan customer since it maintains comfort and offers good looks. It is fuel efficient yet powerful.

The Ford Figo Aspire is a value-for-money sedan that offers some great stuff at its price. Overall, it definitely gets a thumbs up from us and is worth considering if you are in the market for a mid-range sedan.

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