October 16 2018
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IBM Cloud: A one-stop solution for developers and enterprises

India is slowly becoming the back office of the world and this has happened due to the booming IT industry here. This industry has been primarily made on the skills of developers. If we want to really work towards competing with the world, we have to build the infrastructure to do so. IBM has taken up this task  and has launched the IBM Cloud to help developers and enterprises.


Cloud is what business are gearing towards and corporate cloud is what enterprises are focused at. Corporate cloud management is something that goes far beyond just saving files on the cloud and IBM understands that. Cloud computing models enable companies to realize a more dynamic infrastructure, one that can satisfy resource demands when and where they arise. Cloud models also help businesses become more nimble and work smarter through more agile and cost-effective access to technology and information.

IBM cloud is a one-stop solution for all your entrepreneurial and development, whether you happen to be a developer, a start up, Independent Software Vendors or  an Academic.

IBM Cloud

IBM is a software giant with its interests in various segments of India’s IT infrastructure. It has now brought them together to bring out a complete solution for all your IT needs.  There are two parts to IBM Cloud – SoftLayer and Bluemix.


SoftLayer is the foundation of IBM’s cloud portfolio. From bare metal servers to hybrid cloud, SoftLayer offers a wide variety of options for customers to choose from.


BlueMix is IBM’s recent acquisition and the most important part of IBM Cloud. It gives developers the tools to built hybrid cloud applications quickly.  It does so with integration of records like inventory data and also engaging systems like mobile and social apps. This helps in making the cloud applications a secure, reliable, fast and trusted application for entrepreneurs. It removes the complexity and cuts the application development time from months to days and to hours. In addition Suites of business application (SaaS) will have API based services like Watson, Commerce,security and others to enhance the capabilities of the app being built.  As an example, using Bluemix, developers can leverage middleware services  to build a new sales app that provides retail associates with secure access to inventory management information from systems of record at the time of customer engagement.

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