October 16 2018
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Travel advice – Sacchi advice

The following blog post is that of a traveller recounting his experiences and lessons he learnt from them. 

My wife and I used to travel a lot even before we got hitched and that got amplified after our marriage. But the scars of our disastrous honeymoon in Paris is something we still can’t get over till today. I mean being on a honeymoon is supposed to be like a bed of roses and everyone is supposed to be in your service. It really was something of that sort thanks to our stay at Le Méridien Etoile as it was only a few steps away from Arc De Triumph, Champs Elysees and very close to La Défense. But it all changed on the 2nd day of our Honeymoon when we had to go to dine at the Eiffel Tower.

Like other tourists we were getting pictures clicked, chit-chatting whilst in the queue to enter the Eiffel Tower. And suddenly, I felt a group of people rush towards us and push us to pass through the queue. I felt it was very uncivilised of them to do that and even if they were in a hurry, they should have said excuse me or something to make way.

Little did I know that they did it on a purpose and their intention was to rob us. Yes, you read it right – Rob Us! By the time, we realised that our travel belt was missing and all our money had gone.

Yes, all of it as we were stupid enough to carry it all with us and that too with keeping it all and not dividing it. We had planned to have a lunch at the restaurant at Eiffel Tower, followed by shopping at Champs Elysees and dinner at Lido.

As what any other distressed tourist would do, we went straight to cops stationed near the Eiffel Tower and tried explaining it to him but as expected in a Non-English speaking country, he was of no help. We were losing it and had tears in our eyes, it was like being in a black hole where no one was there for you.

After sitting down for a while and having water, we shook and consoled each other. After deliberating, we decided to call our hotel and book a cab from them so that it’s charged on the room and we don’t have to pay cash. As soon as we reached the hotel, we explained what has happened to the manager at the concierge and as he could speak good English, he asked us not to worry and pacified us. As a friendly advice, he guided us on a lot of things that have become a pre-requisite for us whenever we travel. His list of advice was:

 Never carry all the money you have with yourself. Keep some in your luggage or in the locker at the hotel/room.

 Whatever the amount you decide to carry with you on a given day, divide it amongst yourself and that too keep in different pockets

 Preferably carry very little cash and get travellers cheque instead

Now this list of advice might seem like who doesn’t do that but as we did not follow them till we had our unfortunate experience and regretted later. So this is something we wanted to share as advice to our readers. As one #SachhiAdvice can save you throughout your life, what is that one #SacchiAdvice that you gave or got from someone?

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