October 17 2018
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Indian Grill Room, Gurgaon – Terrace Restro-Bar review

Gurgaon is something different – it is more corporatised and has a different vibe then Delhi. Unlike Delhi, things move way too fast here. The Delhi life is more centred on group experiences while Gurgaon calls for individuality – it gives an individual outlook and choice in every segment of life. Even the fine dining in Gurgaon is like that.

Unlike Delhi, where almost every restaurant presents a combination of Italian, Indian and Chinese cuisine, Gurgaon offers specialized dining options with places dedicated to creating that kind of cuisine and not a ‘make and merge’, the way Delhi does. One such place is the Terrace Restro-Bar, Indian Grill Room, located amidst the corporate desert of Sector 54, Gurgaon.

Indian Grill Room Terrace03

Quick Glance

The Indian Grill Room, from the outset, does not feel or work like a normal restaurant. While we were invited for a review of the terrace bar, we did have a tour of the restaurant and what we found was pleasantly surprising – they change the menu every 15 days. They are also true to the ‘Indian’ in the name since they always keep only Indian food on the menu. Food is chosen from different parts of India for the restaurant and served as a buffet. Also, they have an open kitchen where food is made right in front of you.

We reviewed the terrace restro-bar.

Unlike the restaurant, the menu remains constant at the Terrace Restro-bar. The terrace restro bar is an open air place, where you can sit in daylight or have your dinner by candle light at the night. Both the food and the drink menu are vivid and there are many signature dishes and drinks available.

Ambience and Service

Indian Grill Room Terrace06

Table arrangement@Terrace Restro-Bar, Indian Grill Room

As far as the service was concerned, we felt a little delay in service, but that was later explained to us as done on purpose, so that we could cherish the food. Otherwise, the plating and the service was professional. The staff is courteous and really pays attention to what you say while the table setting and the serving did not leave us room to complain.


In terms of drinks, the restro-bar serves everything from Old Monk to the supremely expensive Dom Perignon. But, the signature drinks were the ones that we found the appealing.

Indian Grill Room Terrace16

Aam Panna Mojito@Terrace Restro-Bar, Indian Grill Room

These included – the Aam Panna Mojito, which tastes amazing. It is worth a mention since it is pretty difficult to create the perfect Aam Panna, let alone infuse it with other flavors and still maintain its authenticity.

Indian Grill Room Terrace20

Kiwi Julep@Terrace Restro-Bar, Indian Grill Room

Apart from that we also tried the Kiwi Julep which tasted amazing.

Indian Grill Room Terrace09

Spicy Martini@Terrace Restro-Bar, Indian Grill Room

Another thing we were served was the Spicy Martini – but we found the spiciness of the drink and bitterness of the Vodka a bit too much. But the staff was very courteous and immediately changed it for another drink. Unlike us, if you have a spicy pallet, you should try it.

Indian Grill Room Terrace04

Carlsberg Bar@Terrace Restro-Bar, Indian Grill Room

There are two bars on the terrace – one is the sporty Carlsberg counter while the other is the Chivas lounge.


Indian Grill Room Terrace08

Papad Spread@Terrace Restro-Bar, Indian Grill Room

If the drinks were interesting, the food didn’t lag behind. we were welcomed with an assorted papad spread, which comprises of two types of papad, seasoning and three types of Chutney. Of these, the Pineapple chutney tasted great.


Indian Grill Room Terrace19

        Ajwaini Fish Tikka and Paneer Tikka @Terrace Restro-Bar, Indian Grill Room

Indian Grill Room Terrace18

        Panch Puran Khumb @Terrace Restro-Bar, Indian Grill Room

Indian Grill Room Terrace17

Rampuri Seekh@Terrace Restro-Bar, Indian Grill Room

Then, we proceeded on to snacks. We were served both the veg and non-veg snacks. All have been either curated from Indian cuisine or created by the chef himself. The Paneer Tikka was soft, yet full of flavors while the Khumb was light. The Rampuri seekh and Ajwaini Fish Tikka were light and not too spicy.

Main Course

Indian Grill Room Terrace21

Indian Grill Room Terrace23

Indian Grill Room Terrace24

After having all this, we lusted for a proper Indian meal for the main course. We were now served with the traditional main course, which comprised of Chicken Chettinaad, Mutton Rogan Josh for the non-vegetarians among us and Paneer Lababdar, Dal Makhni and Makai Palak for the vegetarians. Both were served with assorted breads.

As far as the main course was concerned, we were satisfied by scrumptiousness of ghee and the authentic Indian taste in the food.


Indian Grill Room Terrace28

No Indian meal is complete without dessert and the people at The Indian Grill recognize that. We were served some Moong Dal Jalebis, Rabri and Pista Ice Cream.

Indian Grill Room Terrace27

Moong Dal Jalebis @Terrace Restro-Bar, Indian Grill Room

The Moong dal jalebis especially were incredibly light and crisp.

Altogether, the food was great, the service was good and the concept of a candlelight dinner has been nailed down at the Terrace Restro-Bar. One precaution though: Carry a jacket – it is getting cold in Gurgaon.

Indian Grill Room Terrace15

Indian Grill Room Terrace12

Indian Grill Room Terrace11

Indian Grill Room Terrace13

Indian Grill Room Terrace10

Besides the terrace restro-bar, we were also given a tour of the inner restaurant and it was really good to look at. The food preparation is equally enticing. The whole interior of the restaurant is inviting and we really like what we saw.

The brains behind the place is Kamal Khatter who has run restaurants in various parts of Delhi before coming to Gurgaon to open this place one and a half years ago.

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