May 21 2018
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Mahou Clasica Beer Review: Light and smooth beer for the masses

Mahou has been a leading brand in its founding country, Spain. The brand now wants to graduate out of Spain and is trying to make inroads to India. One such effort is the Mahou Clasica – a light beer made with a mix of rice and barley. Both the product and the market are unique and expanding.

Mahou Clasica

The Indian Liquor Market

Why India? Well, simply put, the Indian market is currently wide open. There are currently two kinds of beer in the Indian market – the bitter ones and the expensive ones. The local ones which are generally affordable and consumed in large quantities generally leave a bitter aftertaste because of the rice fermentation process involved.

Mahou Clasica 4

The ones that are better in taste are actually too expensive for a regular guy on the street to consume every day.

There is a huge gap in the Indian market for an affordable beer that doesn’t hurt your pallet with its sour taste. Every college going guy wants to relax with a beer. With football gathering more and more attention in India, a complimentary beer is definitely something to go along. And it should be something that doesn’t hurt your taste buds on the way down.

Mahou Clasica 3

Mahou Clasica

The Mahou Clasica is a light beer with 4.8% alcohol content. It looks clear and golden. The taste is mild and fruity, but the smooth aftertaste is something that beer lovers will cherish.

The taste, as we gained from Mr. Erik d’Auchamp, CEO, Mahou is based on a yeast that the Mahou people have kept secret. The Yeast is also imported to their Indian Brewery in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan.

Mahou Clasica 2

Product Philosophy

Mahou is a family owned brand, rather than a commercial one. This gives them more focus on taste and quality. Erik states that they ae here for the long run and will develop in the Indian market.

Other Products

Mahou has other offerings too. While the Mahou Clasica is what they call a premium beer, the Daredevil is a semi-premium beer. The Clasica comes for a price of Rs. 80/pint, so we expect a lower price tag for the Daredevil. Another beer in the offering is the Mahou 5 Star.

Mahou Clasica 1


The Mahou Clasica is not served in mugs, but rather, it is served in 200ml shot glasses called the cañas along with Tapas (bite-sized delicacies). This is the Spanish way of having a beer.

Mahou Clasica 5


Rs. 80/pint

Rs. 150/ 650ml bottle

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