October 16 2018
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Mika Singh’s New Realease- Maa

Bollywood sensational singer Mika Singh has come up with a new album ‘Maa’. The song projects a heartfelt relationship of a child and a mother and how it never changes with time.


The video begins with Mika getting a message from his mother reminding him that it has been three months that they last talk. The video projects the reality of many young people who live far away from their hometowns and often find it hard to spend time with their parents.┬áIn fact, Mika dedicates this song to all his fans living in Canada, USA and Australia, who haven’t been able to come back to India due to various reasons.

The video is in flashback. It projects Mika’s relationship with his mother. He states that all the good qualities he has come from his mother who was not only down to earth but was a charitable and loving woman. This song has been written by Gurpreet Saini and composed by Rochak Kohli under Gulshan Kumar banner.

Unlike most Punjabi songs, this song is not a dance number. It is rather very soft and has the notes that will touch anyone’s heart. It also projects the versatility of Mika who has always lived up to the expectations of his fans right from his first music album Sawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag.

Mika Singh with his fans

Mika Singh with his fans

The song has got more than 7 lakh views on YouTube and even Bollywood stars are tweeting about it:

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