September 22 2018
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Personal Care and Cosmetics at IITF 2015

Personal care is one of the things that one can’t ignore these days. Personal care is not restricted to beautification rather it extends to personal hygiene and good health. We have often associated women with personal care but it surely extend to men as well be it any of the above -mentioned reasons. The 35th  edition of India International trade fair (IITF2015) offers a lot of personal care needs from the labels that are trying to offer something new and out of the league. We bring to you some of these brands.

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Shahnaz Husain Kajal

This Ayurvedic kajal is made up of flower extracts, almond oil and Triphala. Almond Oil encourages the growth of eyelashes and Triphala is used in Ayurvedic to improve vision.

This product claims to be an ayurvedic medicine.

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Since it’s not a cosmetic, it doesn’t allow you to experiment too much with your looks, but is best to be used on your lower lash line and waterline to get Kohl-rimmed eyes.

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Mantra’s Amla and Fennel Nourishing Hair Oil

Mantra brings to you the healing qualities of Ayurveda by ensuring that that you get products that are corrupted by additives and chemicals. This brand, unlike many other ayurvedic  brands has a vast range of products to address the essential needs of men’s hair, skin and body. We had a hands-on experience on amla and fennel nourishing hair oil. While this product nourished the hair well, we certainly enjoyed its distinctive woody aroma.

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Labolia Hair Removal Cream

Over the counter hair removal creams works best on bikini area and underarms. They dissolve the protein that make up hair and can also dissolve the skin if kept for too long. This is the reason why most people feel burning sensation when they apply hair removal cream. We compared Labolia Hair removal cream with Anne French and found out that certainly Labolia removes hair without causing any discomfort to the skin. Although with Anne French, we did feel a bit of burning sensation. While Labolia Hair Removal Cream is our recommendation we shall still advice you to test it by applying adequate hair removal cream to cover 5sqcm skin on inner elbow. If there is no side effect, continue to use it.

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Everteen Intimate Wipes

The third largest reason for women to visit doctors is the intimate discomfort which may be caused due to the lack of hygiene. Regular soaps and shower gels are not meant for intimate care. To test how effective Everteen Intimate wipes are we gave it to five women all of whom gave us positive feedback and were happy to use something that helped them feel fresh and clean after the use.

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Coloressence Premakeup Base

Most people struggle to get the perfect makeup base. This may be due to their skin type or the fact that foundation often doesn’t gel with the skin and tends to show.

IITF 2015

Coloressence makeup base can fix this problem. We tried it on couple of people with different skin types and complexion and concluded that it nourishes and glides into the skin helping it absorb the foundation for a natural and flawless look.

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