October 17 2018
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Spectre – 5 reasons to skip it with GIFs and pics

Spectre – the 24th movie in the James Bond has hit the screens. If you do plan on watching it this weekend, well, maybe you might rather be happier at home with your cash in your pocket. We sat through the whole two and a half hours and give you the grub.

James Bond Spectre 10

After the flub that was Skyfall, we went to Spectre with some real hope, since it was directed by the legendary Sam Mendes.

If you happen to be a James Bond aficionado, we think you should wait for a better iteration of James Bond. Here’s why:

Gadgets (or the lack of them)

James Bond has always been some new and attractive gadgets, that seems crazy yet doable. Every Bond fan looks forward to new gadgets that are showcased. Well, there are some new gadgets in the movie – an armed car and a watch, but nothing as brilliant or out of the world as previous iterations.

James Bond Spectre 20

There is a brilliant car chase involved in which James Bond (Daniel Craig) is being chased by Mr. Hinx (Dave Batista). While he is in an Aston Martin, Hinx is in a Jaguar. Yet the car is nothing compared to previous iterations – it spews fire, but has no firepower – no missiles and lasers.

The watch holds a mini-explosive and then causes a massive explosion. In fact, the explosion that happens in this scene is the biggest in Hollywood history, yet it is kind of unimaginable to really build up the connection between the watch and the explosion.

Bond Girls

James Bond Spectre 23

What is a James Bond movie not oozing with Bond Girls? There are two in this one, Monica Belucci and Lea Seydoux. That sounds like a fine package, right?

James Bond Spectre 2

Except, Belucci seems way past her prime and Lea’s part seems stretched and too emotional for a bond girl. She is seen having outbursts and seems like a thinking woman. That’s all right, but that basic daring and sexy appeal of a Bond girl just isn’t there. She seems dry in parts and overly dependent on Bond rather than that fierce and ballsy. The hyped kissing scene too is nothing exceptional.

The whole gamble of transforming the Bond girl doesn’t pay off.

Long  Runtime

Two and a half hours! Seriously, such a long time is a push, even for Sam Mendes. Had the movie been stripped of some scenes, even a half an hour of footage would be great.

The New M


Ralph Fiennes is a brilliant actor, yet he is wasted in this role. He just does not stand up to the legacy left by Dame Judi Dench. He just fails to build that connection with Craig.

Emotional Grind

James Bond Spectre 7

 Spectre becomes too emotional, like the typical Mendes rather than being a Spy thriller.


The scenes at the start are the best ones, but some seem pretty stretched, especially the fight scene with Dave Batista who can’t act and seems overawed by Craig, which seems stretched a bit too long.

Mendes builds up the emotional connection between Craig and Lea Seydoux, but it is too complex for a Bond movie.

James Bond Spectre 3

That being said, there is some brilliance here and there. Christoph Waltz is the best part of this movie and a great Bond Villain. He fills up every frame he is into perfection.

James Bond Spectre 4

Also, the cinematography is great in parts, especially the Festival of the dead in Mexico and the streets of Rome.

James Bond Spectre 24

Altogether, it is just not Bond. The name is Bland, James Bland.

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