October 17 2018
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This Diwali, Let’s Laddoo some love

Diwali is around the corner and while everyone and their aunt is trying to look their best and people are splurging out on clothes, food and decor. But what we are talking about is not about lighting up your home or celebrating, rather it is about giving back to the society.

Diwali Social awareness

We recently went mall-hopping and saw a unique initiative at Select City Walk – Ladoo some love- an initiative by the students of TDV The Design Village. Ladoo some love aims to make forty thousand Ladoos for street children and would distribute them among the children on 14 November 2015.

The gesture has got a lot of support from mall visitors. People come to the mall and indulge in ladoo making. The best thing is that these ladoos will go to those who need it the most.

The simple message in this small gesture that is – it doesn’t take much to spread happiness. All it takes a little thought and some time to help those who need it the most.

You needn’t just visit the mall for lighting up someone’s day. You can do so much more.

When you buy a new dress for yourself, try to find out an old one in your wardrobe. There may be something that doesn’t fit you anymore or  you have worn it so many times that you just don’t want to wear it anymore. You can always give it to those who could never afford it for themselves for the festivities.

For a box of sweets that you buy or receive as a gift, try sparing just a piece for those who spend days thinking of buying the delicacies and believe that maybe someday they will be able to buy some for their families. When you buy diyas for your home try buying one extra to light up the homes that look forward to the festive as much as you do.

We hope that this Diwali is special for you, for your dear ones and even those who just need a little support from your side. So this Diwali, let’s laddoo some love, unbox happiness and light up hope – for Diwali is all about dispelling gloom in all ways possible.

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