October 17 2018
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Dominos’ new Double Cheese Crunch Pizza Crust and Custard Bliss

Dominos has made two new additions to its menu – the Double Cheese Crunch Pizza Crust and Custard Bliss. Both of these were conceptualized by their head chef Narender and are part of Dominos’ new strategy of creating a more varied menu.

Double Cheese Crunch

While the Custard Bliss provides a choice in addition to the Choco Lava Cake, the Double Cheese Crunch Pizza is definitely ¬†is the star here – It has combined two of Dominos’ best offerings – the thin crust and Cheese Burst.

Note: Double Cheese Crunch is a kind of crust and not a new kind of pizza.

So, what is the Double Cheese Crunch?

Double Cheese Crunch

The Double Cheese Crunch is a combination of crust Рtwo thin crust pizza bases are baked separately and then, the cheese burst filling generally used in Cheese Burst pizzas is put between them. Then, this is put together in a sandwich kind of setup and baked with a topping on top for everything to come together.

So, you get two things together, thin crust and cheese burst.

We were recently invited to a Dominos’ foodies meet where we tasted the Double Cheese Crunch. We took it out for a street taste test and here is what we got.

How to order?

If you look at the main menu, you might not find a Double Cheese Crunch. It is a type of crust, therefore, you have to actually first select the topping and then select it from the different kinds of crusts available.

How much does it cost to order?

It cost Rs. 100 above the cost of your toppings. (Before Taxes)

Have you tried the Double Cheese Crunch?

Other New Offerings

Double Cheese Crunch

Custard Bliss

Custard Bliss is a baked parcel with Vanilla custard inside. It is made into a bun and dusted with powdered sugar.

It should hit off with Custard lovers, but our personal recommendation will still remain the Choco Lava Cake in the Dessert section.

Double Cheese Crunch

Veg./Chicken Parcel

Veg. Parcel is a package of seasoned veggies/chicken inside a baked package.

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