May 21 2018
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FX star Taraji Henson showcases Winter Fashion 2015-16

Winters have started and now is the time to take out those sexy jackets and showcase your style. Are you looking out for stylish outfits to don this winter?

Well, Taraji P. Henson, the star of FX’s Empire series, who plays the matriarch Cookie Lyon in the series, will showcase the best winter fashion for this season.

Here is what you need to have in your closet for Winter-Spring 2015-16.

Winter-Spring 2015-16

Animal Print Jacket

An animal print jacket works both in an office environment and a party scene. But, it would look better outdoors than indoors.

Winter-Spring 2015-16 1

Gold Bling Jacket

There can never be too much bling. Henson showcases how to carry off bling and still come out as stylish. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that not use excessive jewellery with this suit as it is already too blingy in itself.

Winter-Spring 2015-16 2

Denim Jacket

Denims are back. While almost everyone and their aunt are flashing denims this winter, Henson has effectively paired a denim patchwork jack with gold lining with some heavy jewellery and a bun to make an impact. The pout helps too!

Winter-Spring 2015-16 3

White jacket with torn jeans

Henson provides a masterclass in comfortable winter fashion with this outfit. It is a mix of order and chaos. A white jacket with a black inner looks professional, while the stark contrast of torn denim jeans, folded up to the ankle show the sexy side.

The other elements – the animal print bag, the heels, the heavy earrings and a bold gold necklace, all signal opulence. This mix of elements is something every fashionista should aspire for.

Winter-Spring 2015-16 4


A headscarf helps you not just during a bad hair day, but also gives you a feeling of comfort in frosty winters.

The season 2 of Empire airs at 10:00 PM every Sunday.

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