October 17 2018
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Hudson Cafe Review – Easy Quick Bites

Hudson Cafe is located on Hudson Lane, Kingsway camp, Delhi. The street which houses food titans such as Big Yellow Door and Rico’s caters to mostly a student crowd provides Hudson Cafe the pride of place. Come right across from Vijay Nagar and you will see Hudson Cafe’s billboard right at the intersection.

Quick Review

The Hudson Cafe is a place for quick bites. You can choose from a range of stuff including Italian, Indian, Salads and other stuff. The ambience is inviting and quirky. As for the menu, there is a lot on offer. The pricing is pretty competitive and easy on the pocket while the food is light.

Hudson Cafe review 08

This cafe is well-known with the student crowd and offers appetizers and main course items alike from a variety of cuisines.

We went there for a review in conjunction with Delhi Foodies Insta Meet (DFIM), a Facebook group where food reviewers come together.

We checked out a variety of stuff out at the Hudson Cafe and here is our full Hudson Cafe review.

Ambience, location and service

In terms of ambience, Hudson Cafe absolutely delighted us. The place was properly lit and the tables were properly made.

Hudson Cafe review 07

Hudson Cafe is an elegant place to dine at. An artistic vision has gone into the every aspect of the place right from the staircase that leads up to it.

The Victorian-style chairs looked inviting while the hanging lights add to the appeal.

In terms of location, it is a goldmine. Located right at the outset of the ‘food street’ in Hudson Lane, it is easy to access. The service, though, was a little slow, but we can’t totally blame them as there were atleast 20 of us waiting to be served.

Food and Drinks

In terms of food, Hudson Cafe offers a wide array of food. We were offered from a pre-set menu of stuff.

While the menu offers huge variety, here is glimpse of what we tried:

Fruit-based Drinks

Hudson Cafe review 25

Virgin Sangria, Sex on the beach and Ginger Fizz

The Drinks were refreshing, especially with the uniquely crafted straws.


Hudson Cafe review 22

We were served the Dark Lord – a milkshake with lots of chocolate. It tasted good, thoughm, it was a little thick for our taste. A little more churning would have made it better.


Hudson Cafe review 24

Mexican Salad The Mexican salad was light and easily digestible. It was well-plated too.

Hudson Cafe review 23

Cheese cigars with Chilli sauce

The appetizers were light and in fact, dissappeared as soon as they came. The cheese cigars are definitely worth trying.

Main Course

Hudson Cafe review 15

As for the main course, one thing they nailed is the plating. We haven’t seen such classy plating even at many high-end restauarants.

As for the taste, if you are ordering non-veg at the Hudson cafe, expect nothing less than sheer brilliance. The chicken was done well, and all the chicken dishes we were served tasted great. They were cooked and garnished well.

The Thai Red Curry Chicken had the perfect balance of taste.

However, vegetarian main course is somewhat of weak horse in their stable. While the pasta was slghtly bland, the pizza was half-baked.

On the upside, the baked cheese nachos were done well. They were light and crispy – exactly how they should be.


Hudson Cafe Review

Brownie Sundae

No meal is complete without desserts and we did not shy away. The Brownie Sundae is somewaht similar to Barista’s Dark Temptations while the Red Velvet Cake is one of the best Red Velvet Cakes ever. The cream pastries are light.

Hudson Cafe Address

2524, 1st Floor, Hudson Lane, Delhi University-GTB Nagar, New Delhi

Cost for two

Rs. 800


The Hudson Cafe is a nice place for easy, quick bites. It gets most of the stuff right and in fact, the variety on the menu is stunning. The Ambience is comfortable and easygoing. As a place to eat, Hudson Cafe is well-worth in terms of food variety, taste and easy on the pocket. It is definitely a place to consider weekend dining at.

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