February 19 2018
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Luxehues.com – A Luxury e-commerce portal

If you are someone with a penchant for all things classy and exclusive, and swear by nothing but the best in premium international brands, Luxehues.com is an e-commerce portal, which offers the best luxury brands online.

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What is Luxehues?

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Luxehues.com offers all luxury brands as a one-stop shop. Think of it as just a normal high-end luxury store, just that this one is online.  They offer stuff ranging from classic formal wear to high-end designer shoes and matching jewellery. These include European, American and Indian designer brands all retailed exclusively under one roof. They claim to offer premium products come at  much affordable prices and won’t leave you feeling guilty after your indulgence.

Mr. Amit Dutta (Joint Managing Director, LuxeHues.com) states, “The consumption and consumerism in the luxe segment is on a significant upward trajectory. Luxehues envisages enabling access to affordable luxury & premium products at great value to the affluent Indian consumers”


Rather than the regular consumer, Luxehues.com offers something for the discerning brand-conscious customer. Apart from western outfits, it also features affordable ethnic Indian designer wear for every occasion.

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Apart from just apparel and luxury, they even offer tech products such as Segway self-balancing scooter. 

What does Luxehues.com offer?

1.  Unlike other retail sites, such as Myntra and Jabong, Luxehues works hand-in-hand with the  principal brands in the luxe sector and offer only high-end products. Their target is not the average but actually the emerging luxury market in India.

2.  Luxehues.com allows brands to showcase their products and services exclusively on the platform and provide exciting offers for a limited time-frame.

3.  Luxehues is associated with retail giants like TAG HEUER, TISSOT,FCUK, CALVIN KLEIN,ANNA SIMONA, PORCHE DESIGN to name a few.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Unlike regular online portals, Luxehues.com does not accept returns.
  2. There aren’t any discounts available on Luxehues.com.
  3. The products offered on Luxehue.com are not offered anywhere else.

Simply put, Luxehues aims to be an exclusive luxury portal for the affluent consumer. Simply , it is like a high-end online store, different from average stores.

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