May 21 2018
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The Body Shop: Giving Has Never Felt So Good

The Body Shop is partnering with WaterAid and initiating #AdropOfHappiness campaign. For every selected gift bought, WaterAid can provide a family  in Ethiopia with one day of safe water. The gift that give safe water are marked with a drop of water.

Over 650 million people across the world don’t have access to safe drinking water. They have no choice but get water from wherever they can. It can be a dirty pond or an expensive Vendor. Around 1400 people die each day from diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation. WaterAid tranforms life by delivering taps and toilets as a campaign for change.

waterAidThe Body Shop Range includes:

The Body Shop 1

Oil of life Skincare Collection: This collection is enriched with three precious seed oil: black cumin, rosehip and camellia. This collection promises radiant and replenished skin.


White Musk EDT 100 ml Gift Set: A mix of musk, rose jasmine, amber and wood,it is a signature scent of The Body Shop

Modern Gent's Activist Fragrance Kit

 Mordern Gent’s Shaving Kit: It’s for the man who likes to look polished. It’s a kit that includes all the shaving essentials.

bds 3

Fuji Green Tea Ultimate Collection: These are scented bath and body products infused with green tea leaves high in anti-oxidants that hydrate skin.

Strawberry Festive Picks: It’s a Xmas gift  pack from The Body Shop. It contains real strawberry seed oil.bds 2

Stawberry Festive Cracker: This is a cleansing and moisturizing kit. It includes a strawberry hand cream and a heart shaped strawberry soap.


So Far 3282689 families have been helped and body shop is still counting on you for the aid and support. You can support the cause generously by visiting The Body Shop outlets and buying one od these products this festive season.

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