October 16 2018
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5 Gadgets to help combat air pollution

Delhi is definitely choking on its air quality. The smog and the degrading air quality has everyone worried and Delhi ranked among the world’s most polluted cities. While initiatives like the Odd-even scheme in Delhi have tried to improve the air quality, the truth is that nothing is going to immediately improve Delhi’s air quality.

So, how can you really improve the air quality of your living space? These 5 gadgets are designed specifically to do so:

Philips Goair Car purifier

1.Philips GoPure Compact 110

Ever thought of all the dirty air you inhale while on a drive. In our kind of weather, it is hard to actually keep the AC on all the time and even that does not guarantee clean air inside your car. The Philips GoPure Compact 11o is specifically designed to clean the air quality in your car. It comes with a SelectFilter – a special filter that eliminates in-car pollutants. It is an ideal thing to carry along on a long drive.

Price: Rs. 7,999

Blueair 270E HEPASilent Air Purifier

2. Blueair 270E HEPASilent Air Purifier

If you want something that cleans the air quality in your room, then you can  go for Blueair 270E HEPASilent Air Purifier. It has capabilities to clean up the air in a 240 Sq. Feet room. The HEPA filter used inside is actually certified by the US Government.

Price: Rs. 49,999

Aeroguard Clean Air Glo

 3. Aeroguard Clean Air Glo

The Clean Air Glo is an innovative gadget. It is a 5W light bulb that cleans the air in a 10 Feet by 10 Feet room. How it does it is also very interesting – it releases negative ions into the air which then impart a negative charge to dust and other impurities. These impurities then stick to positively charged surfaces such as floors and walls.

Price: Rs. 1,390

Oster OAP706 40-Watt Air Purifier

4. Oster OAP706 40-Watt Air Purifier

 Oster also comes with a HEPA certified filter. But it also takes care of your allergies by reducing pollen, mould and dust. It offers you three fan speeds and an ionizer.
Price: Rs. 3,499
Kent Ozone Wall Mountable Air Purifier

5. Kent Ozone Wall Mountable Air Purifier

 The Kent Ozone Wall Mountable Air Purifier produces ozone gas. It also takes care of odours in the room. It also eradicates harmful bacteria from the room.
Price: Rs. 5250

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