May 21 2018
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Angoori Bhabhi’s Real Life Avatar


main‘Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain’ is one of the top ranking shows on Indian Television these days. The show gained its popularity due to its incredible humour and outlandish yet outstanding story line that revolves around the life of the characters Angoori Bhabhi, Tiwari, Vibhuti and Anita.

While all the actors are applaudable, Angoori is appreciated for her onscreen simplicity. She is a typical Indian woman from Darbhanga, clad in nine yards saree and absolutely devoted to her husband.


Her looks, accent, slips in English,body language and undiluted innocence gives an impression of a non- glam small town women. But in real life Shilpa Shinde AKA Angoori Bhabhi is super hot and can floor men with her flawless skin, gorgeous looks and killer eyes.

Here are the latest pics which can surely make the jaws drop:



(Source -Shilpa Shinde’s Instagram)


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