October 17 2018
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Delhi Duty Free: Everything you need to know

We were recently provided with a tour of the Delhi Duty Free premises. After the initial hassles checking in, we stepped into Delhi Duty Free.

Delhi Duty Free

So, What is Delhi Duty Free?

For the uninitiated, Delhi Duty Free is a shopping arcade located on the Indira Gandhi International airport, where you get cosmetics and alcohol without custom duty.

Delhi Duty Free

This makes it a shoppers paradise.

The Delhi Duty Free is located at the T3 Terminal of the airport.

What will you need?

You need to have a valid international boarding pass to shop at duty free. Furthermore, the stuff you buy will be subjected to the restrictions in the country you are travelling to or Indian restrictions in case you are visiting DDF on your way back. 

What does Delhi Duty Free offer?

Delhi Duty Free

Delhi Duty Free 2

Delhi Duty Free 2

Delhi Duty free offers various products, which include:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Perfumes
  • Tobacco/Cigars
  • Chocolates and
  • Travel accessories
  • Some exclusive brands available only at the Delhi Duty Free outlet

Apart from this:

  • Delhi Duty Free is the largest Duty Free store in India.
  • Delhi Duty Free claims to have the best prices in region on many products among leading airports including Singapore, Heathrow-London, Dubai, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Abu Dhabi etc
  • It has extensive promotions running throughout the year.
  • You can also pre-order stuff on the Delhi Duty Free website and pick up at the airport.
  • It has a total trained staff of 750+ people.
  • When is it open?

It is open 24×7, 365 days a year.

How to avoid carrying an extra load on your flight?

Delhi Duty Free offers to let you avoid carrying extra baggage on your flight – You can purchase stuff at departure and  pick up when you return, using the Shop and Collect service available at Delhi Duty Free – Free of cost.

Delhi Duty Free is also currently running a Vault of Fortune contest, where you can win prizes up to $50,000 or a BMW320D.

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