October 16 2018
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Sennheiser Sports Headphones – MX686 Sports, CX686 sports, PMX 686 Sports and OCX 686 Sports

Sennheiser Sports headphones are something to help . These headphones have been designed for sports enthusiasts and have been made in accordance with research on how various sports movements affect the fit and sound of headphones.

Have you ever had headphones continuously falling out while taking a brisk walk? Well, that feeling is something these headphones are made to conquer.

The Sennheiser range includes both open and closed headphones.

Sennheiser Sports Headphones

Sennheiser Sports Headphones – MX and PMX for outdoor usage

Outdoor headphones

 The MX686 Sports and PMX686 Sports are designed for outdoor activities and let you maintain an awareness of your surroundings without the loss of bass quality.

Sennheiser Sports Headphones 1

Sennheiser Sports Headphones – CX686 Sports and OCX686 Sports for Indoor usage

Indoor Headphones

The CX686 Sports and OCX686 Sports headphones are designed for indoor activities and cancel out all the distractions. They have a slide-to-fit design, which secures the ear hook and ensures comfort.

All four headphones come with tangle free cables and sleeves to reduce structure born noise. The SteriTouch anti-bacterial ear adapters and sleeves along with protective carry pouch are included in the standard accessory kit. All four headphones come with a two year warranty.

While the MX686 Sports and C686 Sports Headphones support Android and Windows Devices, the OCX 686 and PM 686 Sports headphones support Android, Windows and Apple devices.

While the CX686 Sports, PMX Sports and OCX Sports headphones are priced at Rs. 7,990 each, the MX686 Sports Headphones are priced at Rs. 4,990.

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