October 16 2018
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5 Indian LGBT-themed Movies besides Hansal Mehta’s Aligarh

Homosexuality is a taboo in India. The upcoming Manoj Bajpai movie, Aligarh, deals with this subject in detail. It depicts the story of a persecuted professor with Rajkumar Rao as a journalist who helps bring out his story.

The trailer doesn’t give away much, but Aligarh isn’t the only movie which has tackled LGBT issues. The  the gay community has been stereotyped by Bollywood in movies such as Dostana and Mastizaade. Yet, there are some film makers have gone beyond the script and given voice

We have prepared a list of movies that have taken up the issue. You might have heard of some of them and at least one might be a movie you haven’t heard of.

Fire - Aligarh


Fire is a 1996 movies, based on a short story – Lihaf by Ismat Chugtai. It was one of the first mainstream Indian movies to explicitly portray homosexual relations. It was massively opposed but still remains a benchmark in Indian cinema. It finally opened up the discussion on homsexuality.


My Brother Nikhil

My brother Nikhil talks about not just homosexuality. It also talks about HIV and is based on a real-story of Dominic D’souza who was forcibly isolated by Goa government because of the disease. He went to court against them and won.



Gandu is a very daring Bengali movie, released in 2010 and appericiated the world over. It does not see homosexuality as a guilty pleasure but depicts scenes in passing. It open depiction of sexuality was controversial.

bombay-talkies - Aligarh

Bombay Talkies

Bombay Talkies is a collection of 4 short stories, one of which shows the relationship between Saqib Saleem and Randeep Hooda.

Badnaam Basti - Aligarh

Badnam Basti

This might be the one you haven’t hear about at all. Directed in 1971 by Prem Kapoor, Badnaam Basti handles the theme of homosexuality with kid gloves. Based on the Novel Badnaam Basti by Kamleshwar, It was India’s first gay movie. The movie’s print seems missing from cinematic libraries.

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