October 17 2018
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Dunkin Donuts adds 4 new coffees to its menu

Dunkin Donuts is known for two things – Donuts and nice hangouts. But, they are now venturing into new territories – they have unveiled 4 new kinds of coffees in the market. They are:

Dunkin Donuts 08

  1. Bangalore Startup Coffee
  2. Boston Black Coffee
  3. Therapeutic Cappucino
  4. Tough Guy Cappucino

These coffees are designed to offer consumers variety from the regular cafe lattes and cappuccinos available at many leading coffee chains.

Chef Felix Daniel, the brain behind the new range of Coffees

Chef Felix Daniel, the brain behind the new range of Coffees

Launching the new range of Coffee, Mr. Dev Amritesh, President and COO, Dunkin’ Donuts India, said, “Today’s youth is running at an undeterred pace with a desire to conquer the world. Dunkin’ Donuts acknowledges this “spirit to conquer” through the new range of coffees. It is the ultimate fuel to keep you going so that with “enough coffee you could shake the world”.

Have a look at our video shot at the event:

Dunkin Donuts 03

Bangalore Startup Coffee

The Bangalore Startup Coffee is inspired by the startup culture of the city. It is actually Dunkin Donuts’ take on the South Indian Filter Coffee, made by blending 100 percent Arabica Coffee with hot milk.

Dunkin Donuts 07

Boston Black Coffee 

This is a simple coffee designed by Dunkin Donuts. It is a black coffee, but without the bitterness. When you have a black coffee, there is a certain bitter aftertaste. Dunkin has eliminated it made a sweet black coffee.

Dunkin Donuts 06

Therapeutic Cappucino

Therapeutic Cappucino is designed for sitting down with a coffee and relaxing. It is Arabica Coffee combined with hot chocolate and cream, drizzled with Cinnamon powder. It seems inspired by English sitcoms where the protagonist, generally a woman, rests with a cup of creamy coffee.

Dunkin Donuts 05

Tough Guy Cappucino

The Tough Guy Cappuccino is a strong coffee designed to wake you up.

Dunkin Donuts 04

It is a triple-shot dark roast arabica in milk with a hint of Brandy flavor. 

Dunkin Donuts 01

The target for all of these coffees is the aspirational youth and young professionals. All of them are designed to work towards ‘youth culture’.

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