October 16 2018
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Evok Glasses: Graces your table and feels awesome drinking from

If you love your liquor, you know how to serve it. You cannot really drink a $1000 Champagne that you bought for a special evening, straight from the bottle, can you? Every evening needs that special touch. It needs something to add that touch of class. That’s where these Evok glasses come in.


Evok creates specially crafted glasses for special occasions.

Evok 1

These glasses are properly shaped champagne glasses and the bottom is made of specially crafted steel for you and your special one.

Evok 3

The pair of glasses that we got were individually crafted and looked good. It is definitely a pleasure and actually completes the feel of the evening.

One thing that we can add about these glasses is that they are very graceful and are the special pair that you take out for a special evening.


It comes for INR 3650.

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