October 16 2018
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Pizza Hut’s Cheese Maxx: Pizza for Cheese junkies

Pizzas have certainly been a part of the parties with friends, late night movies at home, weekend grubs, birthday parties and even office parties. Pizzas are our favourite food and hence there is no dearth of varieties. Pizza Hut has added a new crust to their menu Cheese Maxx and here’s everything you need to know.

Pizza Hut Cheeze Maxx

What to Expect

Each pizza has three layers of cheese one within the crust (Texas Cheese Sauce), one more on the base (Peruvian cheese) and the third layer as a topping (Mozzarella Cheese). Although, it may sound like a treat for those who love cheese, we felt that the pizza was overdone with cheese, thereby subduing the taste of the other ingredients in pizza.

Pizza Hut Cheeze Maxx

Pizza Hut’s Cheese Maxx Vs Dominos Double Cheese Crunch

If we compare Pizza Hut’s Cheese Maxx with Dominos Double Cheese Crunch certainly, we find the Dominos  Cheese Crunch taste better. Domino’s Pizza had a better crust which was much crunchier while still oozing with cheese.

Pizza Hut Cheeze Maxx

Price/ Offers/ Deals

The Pizza Hut’s Cheese Maxx Crust comes for Rs. 150. The choice of topping and Pizza flavours will be additional to the cost of the crust. We tried Country  Feast Cheese Maxx Pizza that comes around INR 520.+ Taxes. Although the Pizza seems overpriced a lot of deals and offers are available on the same. You can check the deals and offers on the link given below.



 It is available in all Pizza Hut outlets. You can also get the pizza home delivered.

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