October 17 2018
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Shahrukh Khan Inaugurates Kidzania theme Park in Noida

Shahrukh Khan has set up Kidzania a kids’ theme park in Noida in association with Imagination Edutainment India Pvt.Ltd (IEIPL). Shahrukh Khan happens to be a stakeholder in Kidzania Theme Park.

Shahrukh Khan Kidzania

Shahrukh Khan Kidzania

Kidzania facilities

Kidzania is a standalone structure covering an area of 96000 sq.ft. across 3 floor. It has structures that imitate real-life. It emulates the workings of a real city – complete with paved roads, batter operated vehicles, buildings and a functioning economy with its own currency.

At the event Shahrukh gave us some unique insights into his childhood.

It will also educate children through role playing various professions such as pilot, mechanic, fireman and others.

They already have such a venture in Mumbai and this is second such venture from their side.

Shahrukh Khan stated at the launch,”I am extremely excited about Kidzania Delhi NCR. This will be a larger project than our first centre in Mumbai. As a father, I understand the importance of empowering children at a young age to be able to manage their world better.”

Kidzania was originally started in Mexico in 1999.

You can visit Kidzania Delhi NCR at:

Imagination Edutainment India Pvt. Ltd.

Kidzania Delhi NCR,

A-2, GIP Entertainment City,

Sec 38A, Noida -201301, Uttar Pradesh

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