October 17 2018
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Welcome to the Banana Republic

There is a fundamental question that we need to ask ourselves – are we growing too tolerant of intolerance?While JNU is burning in Delhi, some ‘unidentified’ goons attacked Shahrukh Khan’s car in Ahmedabad. There has to be a limit to all this.

Shahrukh Khan

Thankfully, the actor wasn’t in his car at the time.

Shahrukh is not the revered icon only of India, but of masses around the world. He represents India. With such intolerance, it seems like the Talibanisation of India has begun. We all did fall for the ‘development’ ploy and now, it seems we are surrendering much more. Is this perversion of thought, what we want?

Yes, India’s social fabric has remained strong for generations. Yes, it is the land of diversity. But, if we keep being complacent of the developing fog around our values, we should be ready to become another Pakistan.

Let’s clear some myths and say the truths for once and for all

Shahrukh Khan remarked on his 50th birthday,“Our religion cannot be defined or showed respect to by our meat-eating habits. How banal and silly is that.”

Is Beef really the issue that it is made out to be? We happen to be the world’s biggest exporter of Beef. Furthermore, anyone who has travelled the length and breadth of India will know that not all of us consider the cow sacred.

Buffalo, a member of the same species is not so sacred. Despite the fact that an enormous amount of Buffalo milk is consumed in India. Buffalo meat is openly consumed and called Bade ka meat (buffalo meat). Another mark of our hypocrisy.

Anyways, is it really sensible to give up human lives just because of the presence of Beef?

As far as the cows are concerned, we don’t even treat them well. Despite the political mileage they give us. So many bovines are seen roaming the roads of Delhi. Ever seen one roaming about in London or New York? Ever seen one feeding on garbage? Ever seen one with a broken leg or bleeding one on their roads? Those beef eaters treat their bovines better.

But a part of us knows that the cows are not the issue. It is the North Indian Brahmin Ascendency that is the issue.

It is high time we stop being too tolerant.

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