October 16 2018
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Sony A6000 camera overview – mirrorless Portability

The Sony A6000 is the future of cameras. It is a compact device that combines effective photography with portability. Mirrorless cameras are the future – simply because they can be made light and silent. It comes with a 24.3-megapixel CMOS APS-C sensor, along with a BIONZ X processor. Sony claims that it has the ‘world’s fastest autofocus’. 

Sony A60001

Techinal lowdown

Sony A6000 takes just a 0.06 second to focus. It focuses using 179 phase detect autofocus with 25 AF contrast points. The video capture doesn’t lag too far back at 11 fps. It also comes with a 16-50mm power zoom kit lens. 

Sony A600018

Along with this, it comes with an OLED viewfinder and a 3-inch 921K-dot LCD. Along with that, there is a pop-out flash. It captures 1080p video at 60p and 24p video and 4K images. The A6000 easily connects and transfers images over Wi-Fi. You can share images online right from the camera.


Sony A600017

The Sony A6000 is compact camera which looks and feels great. Mirrorless cameras had lost trust due to a few duds, but the Sony A6000 is Sony’s effort at reigniting that trust.

Sony A600016

Right out of the box, it seems premium with a leather feel all around out and high-quality metal build. In our usage we found out that it can take minor bumps and tumbles. Despite its weight, it is not fragile.

Sony A60009

The pop-out flash works well. Yet, the tilt LCD could have worked better if it could have a little more mobility. If you are a DSLR user, you will feel that pinch.

Sony A600015

The UI of The Sony A6000 is fairly simple and just like the one on Sony Nex and Alpha cameras. Yet, when you are shelling out what you shell out for this camera, the lack of touchscreen is inexcusable. To be fair, it is easy to navigate the menu using the physical buttons.

Sony A600012

The best feature of the Sony A6000 definitely is the ability to transfer pics and videos over Wi-Fi. All you need to do is press the mark transfer button.


While we haven’t compared it with other cameras, the Sony A6000 is pretty fast in terms of autofocus. You can get a sharp shot pretty quickly thanks to the 25 autofocus points onboard.

Sony A60002

There is a certain lag when you transfer images and videos as both devices need to be connected to the camera’s Wi-Fi network at the same time.

The 1800 mAh battery can provide you around 360 shots including 3 minutes of HD video.

Image Capture

In terms of image capture, the Sony A6000 generally does well for itself. Yet, it does fault when it comes to indoor video. There is a little more disturbance than expected.

Sony A60003

You have to play around a little with ISO to get the best settings for your pics. The zoom has improved from the previous versions, yet there is still a long way to go.

Competition and pricing

In terms of competition, the Sony A6000’s only competition is the Samsung NX30 which is still priced 3-4K more .


The Sony A6000 is definitely a one-of-a-kind camera. It is one that can be used by professionals, since it is so light to carry around. Yet, it does not offer you the kind of power a DSLR offers. But it is one of the best cameras to carry around for taking day-to-day shots and video. At Rs. 47,000 (app.), which it is currently available, it sounds like a good deal.

Sony A6000 Picture gallery

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