October 17 2018
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The University Bistro – Made to order for DU students

The University Bistro opened recently at Hudson Lane, Kingsway Camp. It is situated close to the North Campus of Delhi University and has created a menu specifically to woo students. If you are looking  to have a quiet evening with friends, it is a place to check out.

Capacity and Ambience

The University Bistro

The University Bistro accommodates around 30-40 people. The ambience is youthful and colorful.

The University Bistro

The decor is unique with colorful chairs and unique LED Bulbs. But that’s not all – there are walls dedicated to sports, music and Indian quotes.

The University Bistro 14

Apart from this, there is a live oven, where pizzas are baked in front of the people.As soon as you enter The University Bistro, you will feel a colorful vibe. This is a simple and easygoing place.

When to Visit

The cafe is open from 11 am- 11 pm. We visited the place at afternoon and it started filling up around the evening. The playlist was classic with Bob Marley and Bob Dylan playing.


 The thing that surprised me the most was the menu. The University Bistro is quite an affordable place, yet the menu offers a superb variety of food. They have all that you regularly order and top that up with their signature dishes.

The menu is not too spicy, though.

The University Bistro

There are different kinds of soups on the menu. We had Minestrone Soup – It is made like a tomato shorba with vegetables.

There are also a lot of wraps available, ranging from a shawarma wrap to a Fajita.


The University Bistro

While sitting and thinking about the starters to orders, we saw some everyday and fancy starters on the menu. They range from Arancini to Cheese nuggets.


They have a variety of sandwiches which would be there on any five star’s menu – coleslaw, club and chilly cheese toast.


There are a lot of burgers – these range from the classic garden burger to the Texas Lamb Burger and were seemingly a favourite amongst the people around our table.


If you are a pasta fanatic – they have Arrabiata, Napolitano and Alfredo.

12″ Stone Fried Pizza

This is their speciality. They have a stone oven and bake their pizzas in it.

The University Bistro

We tried out the Wellington Pizza which is a Pizza made like a wrap. It is appetizing and tasty.


Another thing that will sizzle your pallet is sizzlers.

The University Bistro serves extremely affordable sizzlers, something you might not find at most places. Even if you do, they might not be as affordable.

The most affordable one – Mix Vegetable Sizzler comes for Rs. 200 while the most expensive one – the Pork Steak Sizzler comes for Rs. 260.

The University Bistro

The main course includes dishes such as Mushroom Stroganoff  while desserts include fried ice cream.

Final Thoughts

The University Bistro is not just about food, you can consider it a one-stop shop when you want something to eat. You can just come to this place and try out anything from the wide variety it offers. Not just that, it offers free Wi-Fi which makes it an ideal place to sit down, do some work and also gorge on some delicious food while doing so.

The staff is attentive and the owners have an ear for the consumers. They will patiently sit down and also ask you how you felt about the food, something which is lacking in today’s time.

The University Bistro is definitely a place to check for university folks and young professionals. It seems like the rising star of the ‘Food street’ at Hudson Lane.

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Price for two:

Rs. 500

Opening Hours:

11 AM – 11:30 PM

Home Delivery:


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