October 16 2018
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Apollo Tyres ventures into two-wheeler segment

Apollo is a name that instantly comes to mind when you think of tyres. After reigning the car market for many years, Apollo has ventured into making two-wheeler tyres.

Apollo Tyres

All-new Apollo Acti series two wheeler tyres were unveiled today by the company. Designed and developed at the company’s Global R&D Centre in Chennai, Apollo Acti series for bikes and scooters, would cover nearly 85% of the replacement market for two-wheeler tyres in India.

Speaking at the launch, Neeraj Kanwar, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Apollo Tyres Ltd said, “Our R&D and product team have spent over 2 years in developing the two-wheeler tyres, which are best suited for the diverse Indian road conditions. Like always, we have tried to introduce a product range which will delight our customers and allow them to have a seamless and enjoyable riding experience.”

The Apollo Acti series tyres are capable of excellent dry and wet braking besides having very high levels of cornering stability which becomes essential in Indian driving conditions. Designed with primary focus on grip, safety and comfort, these tyres are robust with optimally oriented tread blocks and grooves for ultimate grip and high speed cornering performance. Made with new age polymers-based high mileage tread compound, these tubeless and tube type tyres have stress free casing structure with extra protection at tread and bead area.

They have 3 kinds of two wheeler tyres.

Motorcycle Rear Tyres

Apollo Tyres is launching 3 patterns for rear application for motorcycles, actiGRIP R1 and R2 in block pattern, and actiZIP R3 in directional pattern. The block pattern designs cover different applications, such as on-off road and urban & highway in different climatic conditions. Rear tyres being the most important ones responsible for providing safety through straight grip and leaning grip for cornering stability at high speeds, the tread blocks and grooves are optimally oriented for better dry and wet grip.

Directional pattern actiZIP R3 is designed for wet and dry grip in highway application. This tyre also offers better stability during high speed biking.

Motorcycle Front Tyres

The company is launching 3 patterns for front application in motorcycles, actiSTEER F1 in straight rib pattern and actiZIP F2 and F3 in directional patterns. For front tyres, maximum emphasis has been given to enhancing the handling and overtaking capabilities, in addition to other features like braking stability and straight ahead stability, along with comfort.

Scooter Tyres

Apollo is introducing 2 directional patterns for front and rear application in actiZIP S1 and S2, and 2 block patterns for rear application in actiGRIP S3 and S4. Directional patterns are for precise steering control and cornering along with an excellent tread mileage and road holding characteristics. Block patterns are for superior traction on all terrain applications. These tyres also ensure enhanced traction in sand and muddy surface with excellent mileage.

The tyres will be available at all Apollo outlets starting today.

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