October 17 2018
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Organic Harvest Under Eye Gel – Review

Organic Harvest Under Eye Gel is made to help you get rid of eye problems such as dark circles, puffy eyes and tiredness. Our busy schedules take a toll on our eyes. This causes tiredness and fatigue – which are the root of all problems in the area around your eyes.

Organic Harvest Under Eye Gel 01

The Organic Harvest Under Eye Gel simply tries to relax and soothe the area, which in turn cures these ailments.  I used it for 15 days and here is my review.

About Organic Harvest Under Eye Gel

Organic harvest Under Eye Gel claims that it can help puffy eyes, dark circles, aging skin and tired eyes.

Puffy eyes and dark circles are caused by poor circulation in the area around your eyes. It stimulates blood circulation in this area by nourishing it with glucose and flavonoids.

This product is also free of any kind of artificial ingredients and perfumes.

Organic Harvest Under Eye Gel

 Active ingredients

Although the picture of the flowers on the pack suggest that it may be made out of flowers but it’s made up of Sodium PCA, glycerin and citrus fruit. Sodium PCA is a natural moisturizing factors that maintain the health of the skin. Glycerin helps curb the dryness and citrus fruits increases the rate at which the body get rid of the toxins, hence helps to make you feel fresh. All the ingredients form a perfect concoction for flawless skin.


It comes in a compact 15gm (0.52oz) pack for Rs. 495 at a retail counter. You can get it at Amazon for Rs. 450 (Free delivery).

Organic Harvest Under Eye Gel


It has a nice water based texture that easily glides into the skin and is absorbed quickly, making it one of the products that you can think of using at any point of the day. This cream doesn’t make skin oily and hence leaves a dewy feel. Also, it is one of the products that you wouldn’t  shy away from using before the make-up as it just makes your skin healthy and prepared to take any kind of base

Organic Harvest Under Eye Gel 03


The perfume of the product introduces you to the things used in its production.  This product is free of any kind of perfume but has its own distinct fragrance that resembles the smell of the seeds. The fragrance doesn’t last for 10-15 minutes.

Our Verdict

Organic Harvest under Eye gel is nourishing and is a good booster for tired eyes nonetheless  It hasn’t  made much difference to my dark circles. Among all the claims that the cream makes, I think it works best for tired eyes. It can’t help aging skin as I don’t think it has a potential to treat fine lines and wrinkles.

This pack can last upto 30 days. The regular usage can improve the skin around the eyes if you use it twice a day. It has a brightening effect but this absolutely organic and Paraben free under Eye Gel cream comes at a heavy price Tag and is comparably 2-3 times more expensive than the other under eye gel creams available in the market.



*** Stars

Would I buy it again?

I shall buy a pack of Organic Harvest under Eye gel again as it is natural and I don’t want chemical or artificial ingredients around the sensitive eye area.

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