October 17 2018
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The Addams House, Sector 29, Gurgaon – Review

The Addams House is a well-done theme restaurant – something that was lacking from a pretty wholesome food scene in Delhi-NCR. It is a restaurant inspired by Adams’ family – A cartoon about a goth family with characters like Frankenstein and ‘the thing.’ Both the food and the ambience are inspired by the same series.

The Addams House

The Addams Family – A quick take

A restaurant food place inspired by 90’s cartoon is something all us 90’s kids would yearn for. This is a formula restaurant design for people who remember the cartoon series or are even remotely interested in Goth.

It is located in Sector 29, Gurgaon.

Capacity and Ambience

When we visited The Addams House, one floor was fully constructed, while the other was undergoing some work. It presently has a capacity of 30 people. When the other floor is operational, it will have a seating capacity of 60-70 people.

The Addams House

The ambience is the USP of this place.

The Addams House

Everything, whether it is the Frankenstein cook on the kitchen’s door or the shark-eaten man on the wall looks inspired from the Goth ambience.

The Addams House

Even the furniture goes along with  the ambience and you are ushered into this goth place.

The Addams House

The best thing about the ambience though is the portrait of the whole Adams family which looks cool and gothic.

When to visit

Bronies is open from 11 am – 1 Am on weekends while happy hours are from 12:30 PM and 12:30 AM.

Service and Menu

We were served specific dishes from the reviewer’s menu.

The menu included mostly American  and Mexican dishes, being true to the theme. The service though was little slow but they told us that they were optimising it for the opening.


Food at The Addams House was, in one word – exotic.

The Addams House

They have out their own twist on food – Instead of  the regular Paneer tikka dish that is served at every restaurant out there, they served roasted paneer with masala on top which tasted great.

The Addams House

The roasted peanuts were served differently.

The Addams House

We were served 3 kinds of tacos, all of which tasted great.

The Addams House

In terms of the drinks, the cocktails were amazing.  We could not taste the bitterness of alcohol in the cocktails, which is exactly how its should be.

The Addams House

The Addams House

All the food was related to the theme and named as such. The burgers, the pizza and some of the drinks looked gothic.

In totality, The Addams House  is a standout restaurant, that is true to its theme. They do need to work out on little nooks and crannies but everything else worked well.


1st Floor & Roof, 22 SCO, Sector 29, Gurgaon

Price for two:

Rs. 1200 + Taxes

Opening Hours:

12:30 PM – 12: 30 AM

Home Delivery:


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