October 17 2018
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The Body Shop’s Hand Cream ‘CHANGE’ launch

As The Body Shop turns forty it unveils its new commitment ‘Enrich not Exploit’. This commitment will enable The Body Shop to protect and nurture the environment and people across every part of its business.

The Body Shop

In order to fulfill its commitment, The Body Shop held an event at Epicenter, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. This event witnessed the launch of the new hand cream ‘Change‘. It is available in two variants – Almond and Hemp. Almond is for the normal skin and Hemp is for dry skin.

The Body Shop 3

Hand creams in summers are a must and ensure more than just hydration. They fight dark spots, tighten loose skin and soothe excessive dryness.

Almond has natural properties to cure the damaged skin,hence it became my obvious choice. On application the cream easily glided into my skin without making it messy, oily or greasy. My hands looked brighter and nourished after the application.

If you are wondering, why buy this product, then I would like to once again bring to your notice, that hands are one of the first places to show any sign of aging.  Our hands are often exposed to water, chemicals and severe temperature that makes it imperative to keep them nourished and moisturized.

So, sooner you start using this cream, sooner you will not only assure happy hands but would contribute to a bigger cause that cares for environment and people.

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You will be contributing to their campaign that supports 40000 economically vulnerable people access work. The campaign also focuses on building bio-bridges, protecting and regenerating 75 million square meters of habitat helping communities to live in a more sustainable manner and reduce the environmental foot prints. By 2020, The Body Shop wants to engage 8 million people in ‘Enrich Not Exploit mission.The Body Shop 2

I support their “Enrich Our People” commitment as I believe that if you enrich people the other two commitments of enriching the planet and product will be taken care by themselves.


INR 850 for 100gms


This product is available at all The Body Shop stores across India.

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