October 17 2018
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Ek Sawaal movie workshop takes place in Delhi

A Bollywood movie named ‘Ek Sawaal’’s workshop is being conducted in Delhi these days. The workshop is being organised by Ek Sawaal movie director Syed Bazil Hussain, and he guided in improving voice modulation and expression tips to naïve actors and actresses.


In one of these workshops, film producer Manoj Sharma visited to meet everyone, and congratulate on their efforts. He was warmly welcomed by the Director Syed Bazil Hussain, Nishant Malik, Sushmita Singh Tomar, and Prince K Kashyap.

Manoj Sharma tried to motivate the youngsters by telling them that acting is an ‘art that requires a lot of passion. If one has it, one will definitely succeed in this art.’ Some actors also enacted some characters in front of him.

This film is launching some new characters in Bollywood, with Nishant Malik being the newest of the lot. This is his debut movie, and he is a professional model otherwise. This movie is also Sushmita Singh Tomar’s first Bollywood movie as an actress, after getting critically acclaimed for her performance in the short film ‘Red Tears.’ Aksh Rajput also makes his debut with this film.

In the workshop,he was mostly quiet but impressed everyone with his acting. Prince K Kashyap is also a short filmmaker who makes his entrance in the Bollywood Industry with this movie.
Manoj Sharma praised Bazil Hussain and said he is the right person to make this movie and he will be there for any support needed.

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