October 16 2018
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‘Fan’ moment with Shahrukh khan

PVR recently hosted a special press meet for the Badshah of Bollywood – Shahrukh Khan to promote his latest blockbuster Fan in Superplex at Logix city center, Noida.

sharukh khan fan movie 2

I along with the Reviewcocktail team reached the venue half an hour before the scheduled time as all of us were super excited to see the Badshah talk about his upcoming release “Fan”.

Being Columbans, we share a special connect with him as he is an alumnus of our school.

sharukh khan fan movie 4

The trailer of the movie was run on the 4K IMAX screen before SRK arrived and the aura which surrounded him post his arrival left all of us spellbound.

The conference formally commenced and so began his witty one liners. He turned on the charm and answered all the questions with grace and spontaneity.

In the movie fan, when the fan Gaurav asks his idol Aryan Khanna for five minutes of his life, Aryan refuses.

sharukh khan fan movie 5

However, when one of the reporter asked him whether he could give five minutes of his life to his fan srk gladly agreed and said “I love the positivity and the love shown by Delhi for my movies”

Post this, came our fan moment. we had brought along with us a Columban sweatshirt for him and tried to catch his attention.

sharukh khan fan movie 1

And guess what! He saw us and called us in front by saying ‘where are my columbans?‘ He happily accepted the token of our love and appreciation and even gave us a hug.

We look forward to his upcoming movie fan where Shahrukh khan plays a role of a fan as Gaurav Chandana as well as his idol Aryan Khanna.

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