October 16 2018
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Phonebooth Cafe Foodies Review

Phonebooth Cafe is a multi-cuisine restaurant located in Hudson Lane Inspired by the European street food culture it offers different kinds of dishes, shakes and desserts. If you are in the vicinity, you can consider this place for an affordable evening out with friends.

Read on for a full review of the Phonebooth Cafe.

Capacity and Ambiance

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Despite opening just a month ago we saw people waiting to get in as the capacity of the cafe is just about 25-30 people.The interior is true to its name with vintage phone sets everywhere.The whole ambiance is very lively and inviting .

When to visit

The cafe is open for the visit from 1130 am to 1130 pm.

Service and Menu

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We were free to choose from a very wide range of dishes from various cuisines. The signature dishes and drinks of the cafe shone out which included dahi kebabs , fried corn chaat, red velvet shake and the triple chocolate cake. The service was good but could have been quicker.


The food of the cafe was quite good.

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The salads including the Nacho corn salad and the Mexican salad were quite light as well as carried flavors of various dressings.

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The starters Dahi Kebab and Fried corn chaat too very up to the mark .

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The white bun falafel burger though sounded interesting but the bun out powered the taste of the falafel.

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The drinks like the sweet lemonade and the Virgin Mojito were as they .

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The highlight of our visit though were the various shakes they offered. Red velvet shake , Blueberry Cheesecake shake and the banana split not only sounded special but also tasted like heaven.

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Pasta in pesto sauce was well cooked and had all the indigenous flavors of an Italian dish.

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They are still working on their North Indian menu but as per our taste buds, the Dal Makhni needed a lot more flavoring.

(I went to Phonebooth cafe on my own, without prior info – they have not just acted on my feedback, but in fact, remembered exactly what I had said. In case, you have any issue with the food, the owners are most receptive and will actually offer you a free drink)

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The triple layered chocolate cake, as well as the mud cake served with ice cream, are a great thing to have after a wholesome meal.

Our overall review of the Phonebooth Cafe is that it is definitely a place to hang out with friends or even spend your hard earned money on.

They have little things that they are still figuring out. But, overall the experience is enjoyable

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