October 17 2018
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Canon IXUS 180 compact camera Review

Canon has undoubtedly been the king of high-end cameras. Even among mid-segment cameras, it has got a sizable market share. But, where it has got some catching up to do, is low-end cameras. The Canon IXUS 180 is its effort at doing so.

Canon ixus 180 11

With the IXUS 180, Canon has got the nerve of the everyday Indian consumer figured out – We want maximum worth for our money. We would only be motivated to spend on a compact digital camera if it offers something apart from what we regularly get on our phones.

Basically there are 5 things that will motivate you to invest in a point and shoot camera and those are our benchmarks to judge this camera.

Form Factor

The Canon IXUS 180 fits easily in the palm of your hand.

Canon ixus 180 13

It is easy to hold and has smooth body lines. The red one that we got for review looked fabulous. Although, it does make you feel like the camera might fall out of your hand.

Clicking and focusing is easy and you can hold the camera with one hand and simply press, click.  Just like on a DSLR, a soft press focuses on the subject while a hard one clicks a picture.

You can easily transfer photos over Wi-Fi using the physical Wi-Fi button on board. You can also determine which mode you want to use by clicking on the Func. set button.

Imaging Capabilities

This is mainly why you invest in a camera.

Canon IXUS 180 GiF 1

We tested out the imaging capabilities of the Canon IXUS 180, both in daylight and low-light, with single and multiple subjects and even different kind of frames.

Canon IXUS 180 GiF 2

The Canon IXUS 180 never disappointed us  and some of the frames we took looked rather grand. It performs brilliantly in daylight. Yet, low-light performance does leave something to be desired. When you expose the camera to less than ideal light, the shots do waver. 

But, all in all, the Canon IXUS 180 does a satisfactory job and we would rate its imaging capabilities as above par.

Battery life

The Canon IXUS 180 has a long lasting battery life and  lasted around 6-8 hours on a single charge. It also charges fast, so that is not a hassle.

Zooming Capabilities

The Canon IXUS 180 is NOT A DSLR. So, you cannot actually expect an out-of-the-world zooming capability from it. Yet, the IXUS 180 does a good job of zooming it. It does lose clarity in the process, yet, you still get something you can make sense of.


This is where the Canon IXUS 180 is amazing – it comes for a mere Rs. 7200 and is definitely a steal for its price. It is not perfect, yet gives a great value for money. It is a camera you can use for vlogging or for taking regular shots, when you want something more than a smartphone camera.

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