October 16 2018
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SMAAASH, Noida – Back to Arcade days of childhood

SMAAASH, Noida is a place that can easily take you back to the days of childhood, when you used to spend hours and hours on video games. Not only that, with the help of things like VR, it also tries to give you a real world feel while playing video games.


SMAAASH is a gaming centre located in DLF Mall of India, Noida which offers an all-in-one entertainment. The price of the games ins very affordable. It ranges from a mere Rs. 50 – 250 per game. Not just that, You can just get your card filled with a money limit and simply hand your child the card. The child can then choose whatever to play, while you can rest in one of the two cafes inside.


“SMAAASH is a labour of love for me. Every experience enjoyed by a patron is a personal success. At SMAAASH we are never satisfied with the latest and the best, the aim is always to go beyond and reach for the stars. We now present the destination that Noida has been waiting for two decades. We are brining to the city, a never seen before gamingexperience with fresh concepts, powerful simulative technology and innovative design. Maintaining the perfectbalance between virtual and real, the interactive experience at SMAAASH lets everyone escape to a different world and playout their dreams.” said Shripal Morakhia, Chief Imagination Officer, SMAAASH Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.


SMAAASH has a huge area to itself. It also has a lot of attractions such as a cricket simulator that imitates the bowling fo greats such as Wazim Akram. You can also challenge a supersonic goalkeeper and try to score goals past him, or ride an X2 racer while seeing the path ahead in VR.

VR is the USP of SMAAASH.

SMAAASH uses motion and positional tracking along with mounted VR headsets to give you a real life experience. It offers games like Walk The Plank, Finger Coaster, Fly Max, Face Ronaldo and many more.


 In terms of food, there are two cafes around which offer a range of food. Rather than Indian, there is fusion food on offer such as a chat platter and a Tequila Chocolate cocktail.


In our experience, the food, though it arrived later than we would have expected, was good. The pricing of the food is on the upper side.

All in all, SMAAASH is an exciting place to visit and adds gleam to the crown that is DLF Mall of India.

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