October 17 2018
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Star World celebrates Masterchef Australia inspired #SpeakGourmet

Masterchef Australia is easily the world’s most loved cooking show. To celebrate the success of the show, which has entered its 8th season, Star World and Star World HD hosted an evening inspired by gourmet.

Masterchef Australia 3

#Speak Gourmet is a collaboration between Star World and Food Talks India to demonstrate techniques used in Masterchef Australia. These include:

  • Aerate,
  • Molecular
  • Sous vide
  • Roulade
  • Deconstruction

Masterchef Australia 1

“A true culinary journey – over the years MasterChef Australia has changed the way we not only eat but also the way we think and speak about food. Our palette has evolved as we got exposed to all these wonderful ingredients, gourmet cooking techniques and some of the most amazing Chef’s. Today, we #SpeakGourmet. Inspired by some of these techniques today we took our guests on an exciting MasterChef inspired journey with an amuse bouche to 5 techniques as seen on the show, bringing gourmet to their plate.” Stated Anjali Batra, Founder, Food Talks India.

The Menu for the evening was pretty interesting and we got to taste things in a new way altogether.

Masterchef Australia 4

AERATED – Miso cauliflower mousse    

Charcoal tempura, seaweed

MOLECULAR – Burrata and goat’s cheese 

Cryo mousse of goat’s cheese and burrata, white balsamic jelly, fake tomatoes, tomato l

SOUS VIDE – Octopus & prawns

Sousvide octopus, sousvide hollandaise, pickled potato, paprika

ROULADE – Corn fed chicken leg 

Roulade of leg stuffed with breast, Hazelnut potato mousse and jus

DECONSTRUCTION – Peach melba   

Poached peach, toasted barley ice cream, almond honey dacquoise, raspberry croquant

Masterchef Australia is one of the most popular shows in the Masterchef series owing to its amicable hosts – Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston.

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