October 17 2018
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Happy Bhaag Jayegi Movie Review

Movie cast: Abhay Deol, Diana Penty, Momal Sheikh, Ali Fazal, Jimmy Shergill, Kanwaljeet, Piyush Mishra

Director: Mudassar Aziz

Happy Bhag Jayegi from the  makers of Tanu weds Manu is a family comedy with well placed humour and properly chosen characters .

Abhay Deol (Bilal Ahmed; an accidental Pakistani gentleman ) and Diana Penty (Happy; Spirited Punjabi kudi ) who are seen onscreen after a long gap play quite good roles which are quite appreciable.

Jimmy Shergill (local bad boy rival Bagga) seems to be at loggerheads with the directors as he again is made to play the role of a husband left at the alter.

The story begins with Happy accidently jumping into a truck going to Pakistan instead of the one she was supposed to as sent by her lover Guddu (Ali Fazal)  while trying to escape her marriage as forced by her father with Bagga, she is delivered to the house of  the ever so patriotic son of a Pakistani leader Bilal Ahmed.

How Happy is able to tackle the challenges and make the people of Pakistan and India run after her is what the movie upholds. whom does make fall in love with and whom she eventually marries is something what the viewers will like watching.

The humour quotient in the movie is quite unevenly distributed. The beginning is on quite a jolly note but the punches become scarce as we proceed. While the climax is of a typical bollywood masala. The songs of the movie seem quite useless and out of place.

So we would say that Happy Bhaag Jayegi is a refreshing movie with a good story and some fine acting which does remind us of Tanu weds Manu .

We’ll give it 3 cocktails 😉

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