October 17 2018
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Mystery Rooms- Rajouri Garden Review

The real life escape games concept of mystery rooms is quite unique interesting and something not to be missed out on. So ,when our team from Reviewcocktail chose the task Lockout, we were quite excited as to see what the task beholds for us. We were all given a prisoners outfit and two of us handcuffed.


With each clue and the helplines we were moving swiftly towards the escape door but stumbled on the final hurdle as were’nt able to crack the final code of the escape door and hence were caught by the jailor.


Going there with friend’s made it even more enjoyable as with each successful task we would celebrate in our own way. I would say that the experience of real life gaming that Mystery Rooms has to offer is something everyone should go for , if not quite frequently but at least once and get a taste of the thrill and challenge yourself to come out as winners and take the medal home.*which we weren’t able to*

4.5 cocktails to Mystery Rooms.

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