October 16 2018
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Hinglish- a fusion restaurant

Are you looking for a  restaurant that brings a refreshing change to the idea of evening hangouts with a new interpretation of food? Hinglish is the new kid on the block that aims to change your perception of how to dine out.


Food & Beverages

There are number of options to make you feel spoilt for choices.


This includes fusion snack and some everyday snacky items such as Dahi Kebabs. We found this inclusion a refreshing alternative to the usual food that’s available in most restaurants.


We also tried the Paneer Slider, which apparently was our favorite. The concept of placing marinated pieces of paneer in buns is simple yet amazing. It tasted both Indian and Western.


The Naanizza was just okayish. Although the concept of serving a topping on naan with a dab of cheese and mint chutney seems unique, it didn’t appeal to our taste buds much.


The most impressive part of the evening spent at Hinglish was the variety of tea served at the cafe. We enjoyed Green tea, Chamomile tea and Hibiscus tea over conversation with Akashdeep, beverage expert. He explained the steeping time for each tea, although an interactive session but we loved the hibiscus tea for its flavor the most.img_7491



Among the desserts, the bread pudding is great while the brownie and walnut ice cream was equally good.

Overall, Hinglish is a nice place, especially for those who are bored by the similar variety offered by almost every restaurant out there.

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