October 17 2018
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The New Stuffed Crust Range by Pizza Hut

The Reviewcocktail team was invited at Pizza Hut, Connaught Place on 22nd October at the launch of the new range of pizza crusts which are recently added to its menu.



The concept of the stuffed edges and base has been  given a new dimension with the new variants having an Indian tinge to it. The Vegetarian range includes the “Veg Kebab Crust” which has kebabs stuffed on its edges ,there was also the “Cheese Maxx”  which is an absolute delight for Cheese freaks as the stuffed mozzarella cheese melts into one’s mouth giving a wonderful taste however it can be a little too cheesy for those who aren’t Cheese-Lovers. The Non-Vegetarian range had “Chicken Masala Sausage Crust” which is something that every non-veg lover craves for . The toppings are well complemented by the sauces which add an Indian taste to the pizza the base making it an absolute treat for the customers. Talking about the Kebab stuffed Pizza ,veg kebabs  stuffed in an Italian dish give it a  “desi flavour” , the taste of the kebabs stuffed was good and complemented the overall pizza base well.



They’ve even added a new Thin crust Pizza as a part of their festive menu which is not something that exclusive but has that Indian taste going with it to join the Festive Menu.Overall , the new Stuffed Crust Range is something that every pizza lover should give a go to as it is something unique with the Desi touch it has.

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