October 17 2018
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Alto Delhi Comic Con stands up to the hype!

Do you like seeing all the Marvel movies the first day and brag about it to your friends? Are you an Otaku and know Japanese better than your mother tongue? Love getting lost in the books that you read? Enjoy fancy art conveying more than what’s on the face? If you answered “Absolutely YES” to any of these questions, then Delhi Comic Con is not something you want to miss. Of course, great food is an add on.

At the Reception

Frenzied greetings by the volunteers pump you right into the right Comic Mood through fist bumps, high fives and hugs. After you land in the wonderland, either give it all up for an Alto test drive or move on ahead to see the best-space-time-travel-fantastically-decorated-mega-super-car (it’s an Alto) right at the entrance.


The Best Space Time Travel Fanstastically Decorated Mega Super Car at the entrance

Spoiled with Choices

Filled with endless games, merchandise, food, fun and cosplayers (of course), you’ll be choked with options in this epic game zone. At the very beginning, you get a Slap! Yup, you heard it right, and it’s the tastiest slap you’ll ever have. This popcorn also come in four different variants.

Comic Con will make you realize what all you lack in your collection. It can be a Pokémon Trainer Cap, the long-lost comic book you couldn’t seem to find on the internet, gaming gear, 3D animation lessons (what even?) or Dead Pool Boxers!

So, do we mean to say Comic Con is filled with all the generic stuff? No at all! Lose yourself in the virtual reality experience of Supernatural (it’s a movie), get yourself 3D pictured through a camera model with over 100 mobiles (because selfies are outdated, duh!) or read trillions of cinematic comic books with Raconteur (it’s a comic, it’s cinema, it’s not a movie). You could even throw yourself into the WWE arena and get a picture click with your own championship belt there!

Interacting with the Legends

Apart from all this amazing stuff, it is a place where you could hang out with all the cool people. These, this year, included our very own Shopkeeper-Chutki Gaurav Gera – just head over his stall and you could interact with him, DJ Elliot – a fancy man in a funky costume and music worth the gathering, Joe Harris – a person who’s ready to groove on the stage with you and many more!ag2

He got our name wrong, but DJ Elliot is a Doodler too! It’s the thought that counts, isn’t it?

Making it Memorable

Even better is the crowd (read cosplayers) there. Anime fans can talk to anime characters like Kakashi, Gin-san or even hollows! For children and animation lovers, Baymax is there at your service. Not to mention the Joker, Deadpool, Spiderman and Stormtroopers there will make for an epic face-off!ag3

Here is a vile creature which tries to suck out the soul out of humans. The other one is a hollow from anime Bleach.

While you are at that place, you don’t forget to get any freebies you can gather in the form of competitions prizes or the branded celeb-wear you could randomly get out of your fandom! Even volunteer-based organisations like MSF – Doctors without borders – were there to keep you stuffed if you volunteer.



I probably know all about . . . nevermind!

Cherries on the Cake

Live gaming was done on a big screen (a really big one) – gathering all the “Oooh”s  and “Aah”s from the fellow gamers watching the action go down. Cartoon caricatures were made being right there. That’s right, you can have yourself pictured as a cartoon. How cool is that?!ag5

Gamers will secretly drool over this live gaming scene!

The food, as it goes without saying, was delicious, scrumptious and 100+ more adjectives from the thesaurus. Everything ranging from the essentials like chai, chole bhature, cold drinks etc. to the not so common wraps, pizzas and energy drinks were more than enough for anyone’s stomach.

Just like the previous years, Delhi Comic Con lived up to it’s repute. We can’t wait for the next year, can you?

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